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Council sponsor Goat Song show

October 6, 2010

Eastleigh’s Point theatre, owned and managed by the borough council, is co-sponsoring a 30 date national tour of major UK venues by a Polish theatre company called ‘Song of the Goat’.

The Teatr Pieśń Kozła are bringing their unique interpretation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish Play’ to some of the UK’s greatest cities – London, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham ,Cambridge and…Eastleigh where the tour kicks off tonight.

The tour is also being underwritten by the Arts Council (currently facing a round of spending cuts) and the Polish Adam Mickiewicz institute.

The point receives a £350,000 year subsidy from Eastleigh council taxpayers and also received a £3.5 million grant for the recent phase 3 extension – funded by Eastleigh Council and the Arts Council.

However, even with this generous level of financial support a freedom of information request last year revealed the Point had lost over £1.5 million between 2006 -2008 – £790,000 of which were in management costs.

Despite subsidising the tour, Eastleigh audiences will have to fork out extra for a ticket.

Tickets for the show are £12 at the Point but only £10 in Manchester.

Eastleigh OAPs who would like to see the show will have to pay £10 for the privilege while they could get in for only £6 at Cambridge.

Sarah Brigham director of the point who flew out to Poland to see the production described it as “absolutely amazing – beautifully spoken and explosively staged.”


As well a video trailer the point has also commissioned a flashy website for the tour, with lots of show info plus tickets prices and workshops.


Actors and crew will be put up in the town’s swanky Holiday Inn on Passfield Avenue

The Goat Song Theatre, which has previously toured Siberia, is based in Wroclaw, which with a population of 600,ooo, dwarfs Eastleigh by comparison.

This prosperous city with its beautiful and historic centre is the fourth largest city in Poland. Some lucky members of the audience will get a chance to see it for themselves with a chance to win a weekend away there by answering a questionnaire.

It is not often a small provincial town like Eastleigh gets to sponsor a major national theatre tour and it is hoped that Wroclaw council will be reciprocating with an offer to arrange a 30 day tour of Poland for a local Eastleigh company.

Box Office: 023 8065 2333


Have you been to see this remarkable version of the Bards greatest tradgedy? What did you think?

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3 Responses to Council sponsor Goat Song show

  1. Matthew Myatt on October 7, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Will someone with balls please close down this loss making cash cow and redirect it’s obseen funding from the council back into local services for the people of the borough. We could give the elderly back travel tokens and the kids free swimming, make the town centre free parking and invest in our open green spaces instead of building on them and still have enough to reduce the local poll tax year on year.. I know, call me mad.!!

  2. Davo on October 7, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    youre rihgt matt its a wast of money.why cant they stay in the travelodge? how mucis this costing and all the flights? thousands of punds i bet.if this shpw makes a loss they should SACK the management

  3. Markski on October 7, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    This story makes me feel sad for I can remember growing up in Eastleigh as part of the Polish community. It was this time of year that we would go to the wonderful annual Polish Harvest Festival dance at Eastleigh’s old town Hall
    It would be packed with the Polish Diaspora. People came from miles around for Wodka, Piwo song and dance.
    Men dressed in their three piece Sunday best. Every year the same piano accordion band from Swindon would take to a stage bedecked with union jacks and Polish eagle flags and the floor shook as whirling dancers took the floor for frantic polka after polka as the crowd hooted, whistled and stamped their feet. Plates of steaming Bigos (cabbage and polish sausage) would appear to help soak up the booze. These guys with their gold teeth and coal dust tattoos were a cut above the ordinary. Many had survived Stalin’s labour camps and gone on to pull on a British Army uniform and face down the Nazis at Narvik,Dunkirk,Tobruk,Arnhem and Monte Cassino. Now they celebrated their survival, their freedom, their culture. A Polish choir would sing and tears would be shed. Children in Polish national costume would dance and I shed tears now to think of it. At the end of the evening all would stand and sing ‘God save the Queen in honour of our adopted country – and then raise the roof with the Polish national anthem in memory of a lost homeland.
    That happened every year until the council booted them out along with Southern Minstrels and other ‘embarrassing’ displays of working class culture to make way for the Point in the name of ‘Art’.
    The ballroom dancers got the same treatment last year. The people who run the point are not part of this community. They don’t understand it and they don’t like it. They don’t know what culture is. The stuff they put on at the Point is fake and pretentious and nothing to do with the community. The point could be anywhere; there is nothing that links it to our Town.
    It is a costly pointless luxury we can longer afford.

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