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Nuffield Health to hold Open Evening

March 11, 2012

Free consultation on Varicose Veins

Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital is hosting a free open evening for anyone who is thinking about having treatment for varicose and thread veins.

Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins that are usually blue or dark purple. They may also be lumpy, bulging or twisted in appearance and they most commonly develop in the legs and feet, particularly in the calves.

Varicose veins are caused by leaking valves in the veins. When they malfunction, blood flows the wrong way down the vein causing them to bulge.

Local people considering treatment can speak to specialist vascular surgeons in a free 10 minute consultation. They will be advised on different types of treatments available, the cost of that treatment and discuss the appropriate action.

Simon Shepherd, Hospital Director said;

“Around three in ten of us will develop varicose veins during our lifetime and more women than men suffer will suffer. Whilst a majority of us will not have any pain or discomfort, for others varicose veins can be extremely painful and affect our everyday lives.”

“As technology and treatment options have improved, fewer people need to suffer from the discomfort sometimes associated with the condition.”

The open evening is to be held on Tuesday 27th March, from 7pm.

To  reserve a place please call 0845 603 4346 or visit http://www.nuffieldhealth.com/hospitals/wessex for more information.

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