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Alexander Square ‘pyscho’ gets 18 years

October 12, 2012

Alexander Square

A man who sparked a major incident at Alexander Square last May after he squirted heroin into the mouth of his baby and tried to murder his ex-partner has been jailed for 18 years today.

Roger Weir, a former soldier from Slough Lane, Poole beat the 27 year-old woman with a metal baton then shot her with an adapted mini- flare gun before attacking her with a meat cleaver. He then squirted heroin into the mouth of their 20 month- old daughter.

When Eastleigh Police arrived at the Twyford Road housing estate in response to a 999 call they found the woman covered in blood having managed to escape the flat. Weir was still inside with the baby, threatening to harm it but officers managed to persuade him to come out peacefully without further incident.

Weir, who described himself as  ‘pyscho’ to the court,  later told Police he was upset that his ex-girlfriend had started a new relationship with a Police Community Support Officer.

Both Mother and baby had to spend time in hospital to recover. The baby was unharmed having spat out the heroin and Weir himself had to have surgery to save his right hand which he had severely damaged with the cleaver during the incident.

Weir, 45, had admitted the attempted murder of his former partner at Winchester Crown Court. Judge Cutler sentenced him to 16 years for attempted murder and two years for administering a noxious substance to his child, to run consecutively.

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3 Responses to Alexander Square ‘pyscho’ gets 18 years

  1. Stephen Slominski on October 12, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Hope the victim and her new partner can put this dreadful episode behind them.

    Jealously and rejection are never easy to cope with but why do some people flip out totally?

    I was a defence witness at Winchester CC during the trial of a friend accused of attempted murder n similar circumstances.

    He went to visit his ex and her new boyfriend and repeatedly stabbed the other man with a kitchen and left him for dead – then walked calmly to a police station to hand himself in.

    The guy nearly died and the story even made the NOTW.

    I’d like to think my evidence helped secure my mate get a ‘Not guilty’ verdict (got GBH instead).

    Why Weir got 18 years and my mate walked free boils down to pre-meditation.

    There is a world of difference between arguing with a love rival, picking up a kitchen knife and sticking it into him and going round to your ex tooled up with a meat cleaver and a flare gun.

    Lots about this in the nationals. Eastleigh hitting National headlines yet again today.

  2. pianoman on October 12, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    So trial and outcome all done and dusted. Why can’t they deal with our MP this quick? You’d have thought being a VIP and everything he’d be able to jump the queue and get it all over with.

  3. NO to ASB on October 16, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    At last the residents of this crime ridden estate can sleep again in peace. I was however shocked to see four police units parked in the Square again only a few days ago. No doubt we will see comments from residents who fear that the price of their flats will drop like a stone at further reports of violent crime in this estate, but the facts speak for themselves.

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