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Magna workers edge closer to industrial action

March 13, 2013

magna southampton

Workers at Magna Seating on the airport Industrial estate have voted to ballot for industrial action after the company failed to reach an agreement with them despite five months of negotiations.

The company which employs around 30 people supply seats for the Ford Transit plant next door but Ford have decided to close the plant from July and transfer th eprouction of the iconic van to Turkey because EU trade agreements make it more profitable for them – even though the biggest market is in the UK.

Magna an international automotive parts manufacturer will also close with the loss of all jobs.

However the workers are unhappy that Magna – who earned nearly $28.7 billion worldwide last year –are at the moment  only offering minimum statutory payouts which in some cases will be as low as £1,800,  while Ford workers next door will be picking up bonuses that will push their redundancy payments as high as £100,000.

The workers along with their Unite the Union officials have been trying, so far unsuccessfully, to improve terms .
Yesterday’s vote was described as ‘nearly unanimous’ and came after  workers were told that Magna Seating’s UK director – Malcolm Hayes – was paid £167,000 in 2011.

Considerably more, workers claim, than it would cost Magna to pay all of  its 28 staff pay in lieu of notice.

A spokesman for the Magna – speaking from their head office in Germany – declined to comment when contacted by Eastleigh News.

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2 Responses to Magna workers edge closer to industrial action

  1. Pete Stewart on March 13, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Magna’s HQ is in Germany. Ford’s HQ is in Germany. Is this significant? Does it indicate that German industrialists are dictating UK industrial strategy?

    During the Conservatives Years, fat-cat globalists ruthlessly destroyed the power of the unions (which existed to protect British working class jobs).

    If we still had decent unions, there is no way the unions would have allowed this mass exchange of British jobs for artificially cheap foreign labour.

    Likewise the unions would never have allowed David Cameron to open our borders to a mass immigration of artificially cheap labour from Bulgaria and Rumania next year. But the unions are now powerless.

    Nevertheless, the PEOPLE of Britain are rising up at long last. This is why the Conservatives and Labour are in such a mess and why UKIP will do so well next year and at the General Election.

    Paradoxically, the LibDems might also benefit. Wouldn’t it be funny if the next General Election in 2015 ended up as a 2 horse race between UKIP and the LibDems.

    Mark my words, Eastleigh is a bad omen for the Conservatives.

  2. Ian. on March 15, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Saying we ‘havent got decent unions’ misses the point that Thatcher and her descendents who now make up UKIP, supported laws which make unions weak. The very same people in the 1980s put up a big for sale sign on British shores inviting all and sundry to come here and take over businesses many who were in our hands. We dont need nationalism. We need workers rights and Trade Union rights to stop this thing happening.

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