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Live Review: Chris Ramsey at Portsmouth’s Guildhall

April 14, 2017

Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey provided laughs, tears and smiles as he told his stories to Portsmouth’s Guildhall as he brought his show ‘Is That Chris Ramsey’ to the Hampshire crowd. Carl Hutchinson opened up the night as the warm up comedian for Ramsey. Dubbed as ‘one of his best  mates in the world’ Carl talked about dinner parties, his girlfriend and getting too drunk that he wees in his bed. The fellow Geordie put on a clever show and engaged with the audience perfectly. There was one moment where the comedian had a go at two people in the front row and asked them to show some respect to the other 500 in the room that paid the same amount of money, something you don’t see that often. The hilarious comedian then talked about taking food with him to bed which had the Portsmouth crowd in stitches. 

Carl Hutchinson

After a interval, Chris started to talk to people in the crowd and really took the mick out of their jobs and asking about their days in a banterous way. The comedian then spoke about the Emirates Spinnaker Tower being first designed as Red and how Portsmouth people got annoyed with it. He then gave a hug to someone who went on ‘holiday’ in Bognor. Ramsey then talked about his father in law’s friend and how he once saw him measuring pizza. In Asda. He then complained about different names for oranges which was was one of the ending pictures at the end of the set.  The Geordie comedian then talked about Netflix as well as peeing in front of his partner. Chris likes to talk about his 17 month year old son Robin which is really refreshing for a comedian to do and claimed that he still looks under the bed himself. As Ramsey kept bringing up things from the start of the show throughout, his style of comedy was truly original. 

 The ITV 2 host that presents on ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here NOW!’ talked about  Australians wearing flip flops and how they’re so proud and how he overheard some hilarious stories in A&E in Down Under. At around 9pm, the bells rung above the Portsmouth Guildhall, something Ramsey got a bit spooked out by but it was funny to see.  He claimed he doesn’t want to be a celeb and just want people to hear stories but did relate to February last year, when he was arrested for a hate crime in his underwear.  The police apologised shortly after and Ramsey tells a great story of it that involves fellow Geordie duo Ant and Dec which is not to be missed. Overall Chris Ramsey  was clearly in his element here whereas on TV he’s a little more timid. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the set which a great sign of a great comedian. 

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