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New Winchester holiday club brings generations together

May 15, 2017

Children and senior citizens in Winchester can have fun together this summer as a unique holiday club opens its doors.  The intergenerational play-scheme lets old and young cook, draw and play games.  Alongside learning valuable skills from the older generations, youngsters can hear their life stories too.  This new initiative helps lonely residents feel part of the community again, hopefully improving their quality of life.  

Proceeds will go to the Phoebe School in Nigeria, a social enterprise co-founded by Hampshire entrepreneur George Obed.  The school helps children develop their self-esteem, respect and confidence.  George hopes the 8-11 year olds coming to his summer venture grow in these areas too and become more independent away from their parents.  Mum and dad can also get involved though by setting up support groups for the older folk outside of the club.  

Fond memories of growing up in Nigeria motivated George:

‘With an ageing population continually feeling disconnected, I remember playing with my grandparents during school breaks and how fun it was. I learnt so much during those moments.

‘At Phoebe School playscheme, I aim to recreate those lovely memories for the kids and senior citizens attending the programme.’

The club is open weekdays from July 10th to September 1st at the Log Cabin, Stockbridge Road, Winchester, SO22 6RH.  Children are welcome from 9am to 4pm at a reduced daily rate of £20.  Senior citizens (55+) are welcome from 1pm to 4pm, with a suggested daily donation of £3.  

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