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New Orleans Saints beat Miami Dolphins as NFL comes to Wembley

October 5, 2017

Devon Godchaux ( Miami, left) and Andrus Peat ( Saints ) Photo by Ben Smith

Sunday’s game between The Miami Dolphins and The New Orleans Saints was more than just a shock for most people – By Ben Smith.

The game was opened with Olympic medalist and ambassador of Sport Relief Tom Daley who launched the partnership between Sport Relief and The NFL which was shown throughout the day on huge balloons and even holding all the teams’ jerseys on auction in aid of Sport Relief.
This was the second of the four games to be played in London this season as part of The NFL’s international series. The attendance was 84.423 that included people from all over the world, even some coming from all different states in America to support their local team in one of the biggest games of the season for British fans.
This also happened to be a well anticipated match up especially for The Miami Dolphins who had their London born Running Back Jay Ajayi who also happened to get the first, 1st down of the game which created such a roar from the crowd and gave hope for Miami fans that he will carry on performing to the best of his ability.

However, this was not the case for Miami, after they underperformed for their second loss out of three games already, scoring only 25 points so far this season!

After six penalty flags in only the first half of the game, it was safe to say that Miami’s offence wasn’t playing like they did last season. This then led to Quarterback Jay Cutler throwing an interception into the end zone to Cornerback Ken Crawley who had an easy catch to turn the ball around for a New Orleans ball only 9 minutes into the first quarter.

Its times like now that Miami needs to start to wonder if they have made a $10 million mistake after Cutler has seemed completely lost the past couple of weeks. Sunday’s game alone he completed 20 out of 28 passes for shocking 164 yards and of course an even worse interception.

This didn’t stop Miami’s defence, who fought for the ball for the rest of the first quarter, however with them still causing a couple more penalties which just gave New Orleans the opportunity to go for a field goal attempt at the end of the first quarter from the 41-yard line.  This was missed leaving Miami to start the second quarter at the 31-yard line.

Penalties seem to be one of The Miami Dolphin’s biggest issues at the moment as they got flagged for false starts a few times throughout the game, not only that but Rafael Bush came into sack Jay Cutler, leaving Miami with a 4th down and forced to punt it back to the opposite side of the field for a New Orleans ball.

With only seconds left on the clock, three time outs used and a very powerful offensive side pushing forward to get some points on the board, New Orleans managed to push forward enough to get to the 43 yard line where Kicker Wil Lutz kicked a perfect field goal attempt to gain three points for New Orleans as they got into the second half with a 3-0 lead against the home team.

The Miami legend/ ex-quarterback, Dan Marino came out for a surprise appearance during half time to wish his former team good luck in the second half!

The Miami Dolphins kicked off the start of the second half. The New Orlean’s quarterback and fan favourite Drew Brees started off the quarter with an impressive 31 yard pass leading to more penalties from Miami’s defence which just created more Saints 1st downs and more boos from the crowd to the Dolphins defence.

However the defence was pretty much the only thing keeping the Dolphins going in the second half as the offence just simply didn’t turn up.

Not long after that The Saints Receiver Michael Thomas caught a pass and ran straight into the end zone to score which was their first touchdown of the afternoon with only 9 minutes left in the third quarter, making the score 10-0 to the New Orleans Saints.

Soon after in the fourth quarter, Miami’s constant 4th downs allowed The Saints to gain another 3 points with only 12 minutes and 32 seconds left on the clock until full time.

After eleven combined penalties and another sack and Miami’s offence not performing, the Saints managed to bag another touchdown after Brees threw a 12-yard pass to Alvin Kamara to conclude their 20-0 win over the home team The Miami Dolphins to give them one of the biggest shut downs since 2013!

London Born, Corner Back Jay Ajayi, who carried the ball for 46 yards from 12 attempts, later admitted :

‘We didn’t put any points on the board so it is extremely frustrating. It doesn’t make sense because we have the talent.’

A couple more appearances throughout the day were Sam Maddison ( Miami Dolphin legend ) and Joe Clarke ( Olympic gold medalist in Rowing ) who also wished luck to both teams and stayed even stayed to watch The Miami Dolphins embarrassing Loss! Hopefully next Sunday, Head coach Adam Gase will be able to show off a better offensive side against The Tennessee Titans.

This is what Head Coach Adam Gase had to say about his offensive side on Sunday:

‘We’re just going to have to watch this and kind of put these three games together and figure out where our issues are coming from. We’re trying to figure out, just talking after the game, we’re all just trying to figure out is it one thing that we’re kind of slowing us up or is it multiple guys? Is it play calls? Is it the scheme?’

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