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Live Review: Mark Thomas at Eastleigh’s The Point

November 12, 2017

Comedian Mark Thomas took to The Point last week as he brought his funny yet witty show to a packed audience. Few could have anticipated the events of 2016, and even fewer seem to know where they will lead us or where we are going, however, Mark gives the audience chance to predict before the show what events will happen in the near future.  By asking everyone before to write down a prediction, Mark then announced to everyone what they were and put them in a ‘maybe section’ or simply reject them. 

The comedian really got everyone to interact with him as the small yet iconic venue of The Point was in full voice with their opinions of the future. However the show was not all about this, Mark superbly tells stories of his past while reading the predictions as he told some more hilarious ones from previous venues. You could tell from the start that Mark is clearly anti Conservatives and used some very fruitful language towards them, to say the least.

Mark also explained how he actually sends the best predictions to the bookmakers and actually gets odds on whether these predictions will happen. The crowd can then back their predictions and put the money on so it gives the crowd something to bring back with them. Overall it was a hilarious night and I advise anyone to give this comedian a chance.

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