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Boy dreams of a trip to Disneyworld this Christmas

December 4, 2017

This Christmas, 5 year old Timmy’s family, from Eastleigh, are preparing for him to be in and out of hospital once again. It’s going to be another tough time for both him and his sister Maisie.
One night Timmy had woken up crying, frightened and in excruciating pain. His parents rushed him to the hospital, and a roller-coaster of a journey began. Timmy and Maisie’s mother recalls,

‘I’ll never forget the night Timmy was diagnosed with leukaemia. I can even remember the exact time. It was 1.26am and the doctor told us, ‘I’m afraid your son has cancer. I stopped breathing. All I could feel was just a huge pain in my chest’.

It was especially difficult for his 10-year-old sister Maisie, who is autistic. Her mother Nicola says,

‘The world is already a confusing place for Maisie. She adores her 5-year-old brother, so it’s hard to describe for you how unbelievably bewildering and upsetting Timmy’s illness is for her.’

After Timmy was diagnosed, he was constantly in and out of hospital for chemotherapy treatments. Maisie was very scared and confused. It took a lot of strength from both parents to not show any distress in front of their children, whom they didn’t want to frighten any more.

What keeps both Timmy and Maisie going despite the daily hardships they endure is their shared dream of a magical trip to Disneyworld. Timmy absolutely loves dinosaurs and wishes to pet them, feed them and most of all, have a ride on them. Maisie is obsessed with drawing and Disney, even making sketches for her own animated film. She would love to show them to Mickey Mouse and Mr Incredible.

Timmy and Maisie’s mother Nicola says,

‘The children’s Dream coming true is incredibly important to us as parents. We’re all on this huge emotional roller-coaster together. Every time Timmy gets an infection he’s so poorly – and sometimes needs surgery – I’m frightened that he’s going to relapse and we’re going to lose him. And every morning when I wake I worry about what would happen to Maisie if we weren’t there, because her autism makes her extremely dependent on us to keep her safe and achieve simple daily tasks.’

Richard Ashton, CEO of Dreams Come True, says,

”Timmy and Maisie’s parents have gone through so much, especially as they have two children who both live with serious conditions. They have shown incredible resilience and strength in the face of very challenging circumstances, and are a true inspiration. Your support can mean that Timmy and his sister Maisie have a dream to look forward to this Christmas’.

To donate to Dreams Come True’s Christmas appeal, visit www.dreamscometrue.uk.com or Text DREAM1 to 70660.

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