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Live Review: Ed Byrne at Southampton’s O2 Guildhall

February 13, 2018

Ed Byrne brought his superb and witty stand-up show ‘Spoiler Alert’ to O2 Guildhall, Southampton on Friday night as the theme was all about how people are being spoilt too much in the world.

The Irish comedian told the crowd that he went to a Southampton bar beforehand  Belgium and Blues and met some fans who were at the show and he saw them. Ed also went to The Hobbit afterward which shows just how down to the earth the entertainer is.

In his show, he talks about going to New Zealand and how he knows Simon Pegg and also mentioned about the program Love Island and imagined how the Winchester crowd would react if he asked them if they know the show.

Ed talked about the snacks he had during the show and told stories including him going to Lapland with the family.


With Ed being a keen hillwalker, the comedian also had a fair few stories about his travels and how he saved someone’s (who happened to be in the audience) life which went viral.

Ed asked the crowd if they had names for their cars however it seemed fans did not make it easy for the comedian as he struggled to understand their reason behind them – as did the majority of the venue.

At one point Ed made a woman laugh so much she couldn’t stop for a good 15 minutes and as professional as Ed is, he made a joke about it.

Ed also mentioned about his children Magnus and Cosmo as he told the crowd some hilarious stories about them before he confessed how much he loved them and his wife.

After talking a little political, Ed returned to the stage after his encore talked about a charity gig he once did and despite it being ‘the best job in the world’ he still moans.  Ed hugged a fan afterward which was a nice touch and proved his a genuine guy. Overall it was a great show that had me in tears of laughter.

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