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About Eastleigh News

What is Eastleigh News?

Eastleigh News is Eastleigh’s only independent online news website written by people who actually live in Eastleigh rather than professional journalists.


Time was when Eastleigh had its own weekly newspaper…The Eastleigh Weekly News.

Like many local titles Eastleigh Weekly News and the weekly county newspaper Hampshire Chronicle.was bought out by a regional media company in this case Newsquest South who are themselves owned by US media giant Gannet.

Newsquest –  closed Eastleigh Weekly News in favour of its local daily title the ‘Daily Echo‘ who moved into the Eastleigh Weekly News office on High St.

However the Daily Echo ceased producing ia separate Eastleigh edition of their paper and the staff dwindled from ten staff down to two full time reporters before eventually closing.

There is an Eastleigh edition of Newsquest’s ‘News Extra‘ – which is a freebie paper consisting largely of adverts and  a few news stories taken from the Echo but there is currently no online version.

The growth of the internet has seen the rise of Citizen journalism and a proliferation of micro ‘Hyperlocal’ news websites while at the same time conventional local media is under pressure to show profit.

A strong local press is vital for local democracy.

Here is a news blog for Eastleigh. That is independent. It s not owned by a  foreign media giant neither is it dependent on any advertiser or  political party.

Contributors are unpaid.

We don’t do this for money.

No money has been spent on advertising the site either, it is evolving organically.

There is currently (March 2012) an average of 40,000 visitors a month.

Anyone can contribute.

We need YOU!

Eastleigh News began in December 2009 running on blogger – gradually more people have come on board.

Your contributions – comments, photos, opinions, articles and stories about Eastleigh are welcome here.

We can’t pay for contributions and all reporting is done voluntarily.

Also needed:

Promoters, backers, investors,advertisers, writers, reporters, photographers, subscribers, sales types, people with ideas and people who can code PHP or people who just fancy ringing up for a chat.

Please send any material for submission or address enquires to: news@eastleighnews.co.uk

All contributions subject to following terms and conditions.

Editorial and Posting Policy

The opinions and views left by site users in comments and blog posts are theirs alone and are not endorsed by Eastleigh News who will not be held responsible for them. Neither should it be assumed that contributors subscribe or endorse views held by the site owner or other contributors.

Eastleigh News links to third party websites and is not be responsible for content on them.

We ask all contributors to ensure their comments are not offensive, illegal or profane in any way.

By submitting comments or articles users agree to accept these conditions.

Any comments or blog posts submitted which are found to be in breach of these conditions, or that have been submitted wiht false or missing contact details, will be removed.

Repeated breach of this policy by any one user will result in suspension of posting rights without warning.

Eastleigh News reserves the right to withhold, withdraw or edit any material submitted.

Copyright and use of images and materials

All images and articles on Eastleigh News are subject to copyright but are free for non commercial use always provided author names and credits are preserved.

If the photograph you wish to use contains a watermark please do not crop it out and please acknowledge source and author of any piece you wish to use preferably with a backlink.

To licence materials for commercial use please contact licence@eastleighnews.co.uk.

If you are concerned that material on this site has breached your copyright then please email admin@eastleighnews.co.uk.

Right of Reply

You may leave a comment on any story using the comment box at the foot of the post page or you may submit a full post for consideration by emailing it to news@eastleighnews.co.uk.

Any comments or articles submitted by way of reply to previously published material will still be subject to the Editorial and Posting Policy outlined above.


If you are concerned by any comments, posts or articles published on this site please contact admin@eastleighnews.co.uk or ring 02380345305.


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Page last updated:  2 April  2017

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