Brrrr…it's a Winter Solst ICE!

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It was a Winter Solstice to remember this afternoon as Eastleigh citizens who only a few weeks earlier had expressed their disappointment at the size of the ice rink supplied by the council for the annual ‘winter carnival’ were just as amazed to see the entire town centre transformed into a skating rink the size of which Top Rank would have been proud of.
Heavy sleet and freak snow showers, on top of the prevailing freezing conditions, brought the evening rush hour to a virtual standstill and closed the only runway at Eastleigh (Southampton) Airport.
Ice Cold in Allbrook
Allbrook Knowle, Eastleigh’s highest point, quickly became a cresta run for pedestrians and cyclists descending on the ungritted surface, into a snow laden Boyatt Wood which could have easily passed for a slightly downmarket St Moritz.
By the early evening the showers had subsisted and most of the snow had cleared although the freezing weather is expected to continue for several days.