Giant hole discovered in Centre of Eastleigh!!

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A Satellite parked in geo-stationary orbit 20,000 miles above the Congo has discovered a large mysterious hole in Eastleigh Town Centre!
The photo, reproduced below, clearly shows a barren wasteland, measuring a couple of acres, bordered by Leigh Rd and Sopwith Rd and normally hidden from the curious gaze of passers-by.

Ancient Meteorite
It was thought that this may have been evidence of a ‘Tunguska’ style event. However further investigation reveals this to be the fabled land of ‘Centris’ – an abandoned building project on the site of the former Pirelli offices which were torn down to make way for it five years ago and has been fenced in and lost to mankind since.
At the time the Pirelli buildings were demolished – after protracted consultation and a series of public meetings – it was agreed that the developers would be able to build on the site provided they set aside land for business premises to provide 320 local jobs -thereby offsetting the loss of jobs from the Caustons and Pirelli factories and providing employment for the influx of new homeowners onto the housing estates that replaced them.

A spokesman for the planning department of Eastleigh Borough Council today confirmed that the site has been vacant for 5 years and that planning permission would expire in September although there was no indication from the developers as to whether they would be trying to start work on the site before then.

Former anti- Pirelli Site campaigner and Eastleigh resident Seb Carson, 51 said:

“It is a shame that with unemployment in Eastleigh so high, the developers have been allowed to renege on their pledge to provide employment for local people.”