Eastleigh crime down by 15%!

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Yay! We got the villains on the run...

Latest Eastleigh crime figures are showing a marked decrease, almost double the national average published by the Home Office earlier this week.

While an 8% drop in crime was recorded nationally current statistics for the Eastleigh District show a 15% decrease and a detection rate of nearly 30%.

The tables below shows Eastleigh district outperformed Hampshire Constabulary’s total average in almost every category of offence.

Crime Statistics for Eastleigh District
CrimesPrevious YearCurrent YearLocal ChangeConstabulary Change
Total Reported Crimes77406556Down by 15.3%Down by 9.7%
Public Disorder and Assaults17721654Down by 6.7%Down by 0%
Criminal Damage16931216Down by 28.2%Down by 17.6%
Vehicle crime808597Down by 26%Down by 19.1%
House Burglary219239Up by 9.1%Down by 10%
Crime Detection Details
Total Reported Crimes29.74%27.24%
Public Disorder and Assaults43.29%38.93%
Criminal Damage14.72%13.20%
Vehicle crime6.53%7.80%
House Burglary20.92%17.37%

Nationally, increases were recorded in sexual offences, up 5%; personal theft up 7% with a similar rise in bicycle thefts.

bicycle thieves

Bicycles. 35,000 of these stolen in UK last year.

Drink Driving

Although overall crime is down,this week officers from Hampshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit (RPU) said they were disappointed with the number of people who continue to drink and drive.

Figures for the Christmas period show that 4,747 breath tests were carried out by the RPU. A total of 309 people were arrested for being over the alcohol limit or refusing or failing to provide a sample.

RPU Acting Inspector John Dainton, who co-ordinated this year’s campaign said:

“We are disappointed that 309 people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight failed to heed our messages that driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not safe”.

Eastleigh Police

Editorial Comment.

There is Crime, recorded crime and statistics.

Although the reported fall in offences is great news and contrary to the expectation that hard times leads to an increase in offending, Eastleigh residents can be forgiven if they raise an eyebrow or two.

In the last month we have had reports that a £40,000 speed camera was somehow blown to bits, an armed robbery was carried out on a filling station, there were two incidents of indecency, six van break-ins and a local man has been charged with a string of 20 burglaries .

Worryingly, the Detective leading the hunt for the the murderer of Georgina Edmonds warned that we could be harbouring a sadistic killer in our midst.

A 15% drop in offences is indeed good news, but it seems there is always a criminal element determined to make peoples lives a misery and improved crime statistics are no comfort to you if your home has been burgled or your work tools stolen

  3 comments for “Eastleigh crime down by 15%!

  1. Peter Stewart
    January 24, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    I say put CCTV on EVERY street corner. True! This would increase Council Tax enormously. But it would also cut crime to nearly 0% and offer lots of real new jobs for Eastleigh people, monitoring the cameras.

    • January 25, 2010 at 3:46 am


      I have in the past applauded some of your comments that have been left following a local issue on this site. However, I fear this time you are WAY OFF the mark.

      More CCTV camera’s will not and do not stop crime.!! You only have to see the amount of crime caught on CCTV to understand that CCTV does not stop crime it just records it.!! People are not deterred by CCTV camera’s, unmanned spy planes or Security Officers. Local Eastleigh people need and want to see more ‘REAL’ Police Officers on foot walking around in the Borough.

      ‘REAL’ Police Officers on the beat getting to know the community and its people prevent crime.

      By ‘REAL’ Police I mean a full blown Constable, not one of these ‘Police Clothed Security Officers’. They command little respect in the community and have almost no power, they are not even empowered to arrest criminal activity.

      As for the comment that adding more CCTV camera’s in Eastleigh would lead to a massive jobs boast for the town is just unfounded. Currently the 40+ camera’s that cover the Town Centre are watched by two security staff, they sit in an office above the Town Centre Council Offices in Wells Place. Adding 400 more camera’s would see, at most, 20 new jobs created. Hardy a massive job’s boost, and do we really need any more of Big Brother’s CCTV watching our every move.

      I am sure you would not be happy to see one setup across the road from your house watching your every move through your window..!!

  2. Davo
    January 25, 2010 at 10:38 am

    They have got cctv of the edmnds killer at tesco on twyford rd and they cant find him.cctv dont always work.

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