Huhne’s War on Terror Law

Chris Huhne Eastleigh MP

Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne has attacked the government over its anti terrorism stop and search law. Earlier the European Court of Human Rights ruled that police stop and searches under section 44 of the Terrorism Act are illegal and upheld a complaint that the rights of a peace campaigner and photo journalist had been abused by police who had stopped them at a demonstration.

The Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretary commented:

“When everybody from trainspotters to Japanese tourists are up in arms, it should be clear to even the most bone-headed minister that stop and search under section 44 is being overused”.

Reacting to the news that the government could be considering an appeal he added:

“Random and indiscriminate use of stop and search alienates the communities we rely on most for the intelligence and witnesses we need to fight terrorism.

“Instead of bleating about the judgement, the Government should provide time in Parliament for this law to be debated and tightened up.”

Earlier in the year Huhne had praised Hampshire Police’s decision to suspend its Terrorism Act stop and searches after figures showed it had used the procedure more than 3,400 times in 2007/8, but arrested no-one connected with terror.

The MP has also referred to the Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s decision to use anti terrorism laws to ban the radical group Islam4uk.

“Proscribing Islam4UK is playing into the hands of publicity-seeking Anjem Choudary and his odious followers.

“There is a real risk they will paint themselves as martyrs while simply changing their name and carrying on, or going underground”

Last week Chris Huhne also publicly called for the government to purge the DNA database of the details of innocent citizens.

Do you think Chris Huhne is right in saying the Government has gone too far with it’s anti terror laws? Is our freedom being eroded?