Peace restored?


McGuinness: "Like it or not, it's a War Memorial"

In a lively debate which saw some sharp exchanges between councillors and members of the public, Fair Oak Parish council voted overwhelmingly in favour of renaming the village war memorial as ‘The Peace Memorial’ last night

The council permitted members of the public to make representations and a statement from a war veteran in favour of calling the monument a war memorial was read out.

The Chairman Helen Douglas (Lib Dem) claimed that during the course of writing her book ‘A History of Fair Oak and Horton Heath’, she had discovered that the original intentions of the founders was that the memorial should be in the form of a peace memorial and that designs incorporating military symbols had been rejected.

Vice Chairman Phillip Spearey (Lib Dem) also spoke strongly in favour of the term ‘Peace Memorial’ agreeing with the Chairman by saying the wishes of those who had raised the subscription should be respected. He added that that other examples of peace memorials exsited in Ilford and Clevedon.

Opposing, Councillor Hugh McGuinness (UKIP) said that the original hopes of the founders that the end of the first world war would lead to a lasting peace would have been shattered in 1939. He pointed out the dates inscribed on the pedestal read 1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945 which clearly meant the memorial commemorated two periods of war, not a period of peace. It was, he concluded, therefore inappropriate to call it a peace memorial.

A compromise suggestion to refer to the War memorial as ‘The Memorial’ was rejected.

Some members of the public present claimed that the memorial has been known as ‘The War Memorial’ for over 50 years, citing the existence of old postcards as evidence. Others accused the council of ‘political correctness’ – an allegation that was firmly denied.

At the vote, the motion to name the memorial as ‘The Peace Memorial’ was only opposed by Councillor McGuinness and was therefore carried.

“A ludicrous piece of politically inspired revisionism” commented one objector who did not wish to be named

‘A History of Fair Oak and Horton Heath’ by Helen Douglas is published by Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council and is available from their office for £2.50

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  6 comments for “Peace restored?

  1. January 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    Councillor Hugh McGuinness seems to be the only Councillor with the sense he was born with.
    The fact is the memorial is to commemorate those who died in war.
    Their intervention in this is a pathetic waste of time, resources, money and breath.
    Why do the Liberal Democrats refuse to leave things alone. They are a disgrace to our nation.

    Ray Finch. UKIP Eastleigh Parliamentary Candidate.

  2. steve
    January 20, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Political Correctness may be a modern expression but the attitude it describes has been around a lot longer.
    It is clear that following the First World War there existed a sense of collective horror and a hope that it had been the war to end all wars. It was in this spirit, understandable perhaps, that the peace memorial was erected.
    But it was the ethos of ‘never again’ and ‘Peace at any price’ that lead to the appeasement of Hitler and Nazis and the running down of our armed forces which resulted in another terrible war.
    In the 1930’s as the Nazis grew in power, Winston Churchill’s warnings were constantly ignored and he was branded a warmonger. Churchill’s views on the possibility of war were politically incorrect.
    The majority of people preferred to put their faith in appeasers like the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his promise of ‘Peace in our time’.
    How wrong they all were.
    I bet no one referred to the war memorial as a Peace memorial after 1939; it would have been a hollow joke, the peace it alluded to having proved to be as flimsy as the piece of paper Chamberlain held aloft with Hitler’s signature on it.
    The Parish councils wish to turn the clock back only serves to remind me of a shameful episode in our countries history. The two world wars gave us heroes who died in the defence of our freedom and it is their sacrifice a war memorial should help us remember, not the appeasers and faint hearts of the interwar period.

  3. peter stewart
    January 20, 2010 at 10:01 am

    What a dangerous move for a LibDem dominated Parish Council in a LibDem marginal Parliamentary Constituency in the last few months of a crucial General Election.

    Chris Huhne could well find himself fighting for his political life because of this. Literally every vote counts.

    It would be ironic if he were brought down by the insane political correctness of a LibDem dominated Parish Council. Maria Hutchings must be laughing heartily.

  4. January 20, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    I so hope that this stupid waste of parish council time is the last straw that broke the camels back. Wake up Eastleigh, how much longer will you allow the Lib Dems to destroy OUR history. Remember Sid the Tree, the Allotments, the War Mamorial.. What ever next, the Lib Dem Valley Country Park and Go Ape scam.. Your Town, your Parish. YOUR VOTE.!! Shame to see a good news story being turned into a advert for a book sale by the very woman who is behind this madness.!! PS. Ford Escort for sale, 90k, petrol, one owner from new.

  5. Davo
    January 20, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    “Ford Escort for sale, 90k, petrol, one owner from new.”

    How much yu asking for it you forgot to put the price

  6. Davo
    January 21, 2010 at 10:51 am

    BTW I taled to my hfather in law is 83 and lived in area all his life he ran the greengrocers at teh parade by whalesmead for years and he says it has always been called war memorial EVEN BEFORE THE WAR!
    He says its a Load of S***!

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