Stop selling your stuff on Ebay

Help the Aged shop stock appeal

The ‘Help the Aged’ Charity shop has issued an urgent appeal for more item donations. It seems local folk are not being as generous as they once were. A worker at the Leigh Rd store explained that since the recession there has been an increase in demand from buyers – particularly in clothing. But at the same time this has been accompanied by a fall in item donations as strapped for cash householders turn to car boot sales and online auctions to raise extra wonga, spurred on by TV programs like ‘Car booty’ and ‘Cash in the Attic’.

Help the Aged is an international charity fighting to free older people from poverty, isolation and neglect.

What can you donate?

  • Clothes for all ages and occasions From baby wear to ball gowns, summer dresses to winter woollies, if you’re clearing out your wardrobe or creating a bit more drawer space, they can sell on any good quality clothing you can donate.
  • Home furnishings Soft furnishings have plenty of life left even when you have grown tired of them. Donations such as curtains and linen are always welcome.
  • Bric-a-brac or knick-knacks If it can be used practically in the home, hung on the wall or placed on a shelf and you don’t want it anymore, then they would love to receive it.
  • Play time If you or your family are fed up playing with games and toys, the jigsaw is no longer a puzzle and you no longer want to listen or watch those CDs, DVDs and video tapes, why not donate them? Also needed are all types of books.
  • Accessories If your jewellery has lost its sparkle or your shoes their shine, why not drop them off at your local shop together with any gloves, hats or scarves you no longer want?

How can you donate?

Call in at one of their local shops during normal working hours and staff will be pleased to receive your donations.

33/37 Leigh Road
SO50 9FF
023 8065 2289

11 Fryern Arcade
Chandlers Ford
SO53 2DQ
023 8027 1562