Aliens invade Swan Centre

Alien vs predator

Gotcha! Hostages were taken.

Shoppers at the town’s Swan Centre were startled to find themselves in a the middle of an intergalactic war as Aliens and Colonial Marines battled it out in the shopping centre’s ‘Game’ Store to celebrate the launch of Alien V’s Predator.

During the height of the fighting, 6 year old Molly Knight from Bishops Waltham and mum, Suzanne Cathro (pictured) were captured and forced to pose for photographs at plastic gun point.

In Alien vs Predator aficionados of the two film series get to play as Colonial Marines, Predators or Xenomorphs in an all out button bashing battle for supremacy and survival.

The game is available at the store or from the Game website from £19.99

Have you encountered any Alien lifeforms in the Swan Centre recently? Why not tell us about your experiences?

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