Donate a kidney for Jesus!

Jesus Christian member Kim

This DVD could change your life

Eastleigh shoppers, well used to having to dodge canvassers selling charity subscriptions, had a new hazard to sidestep yesterday in the form of representatives from minority Christian sect the ‘Jesus Christians’ who were working the streets spreading their message by trying to interest passers by in copies of their promotional DVD.

Not many people may have realised the extent the religious groups followers are prepared to go in order to show their love for their fellow man.

The JC’s as they are known, are also known as the ‘Kidney Cult’ due to their promotion of altruistic kidney donation. Many of the group members have been reported as having undergone renal surgery to donate their kidney to a needy stranger.

Founded in Australia by Dave McKay, they are antipodean blend of 60’s hippy commune, apocalyptic evangelical Christians and professed hard core recyclers. Group members reject today’s materialistic consumer culture preferring to rummage through waste bins for food and driving around the country in eco-friendly camper van powered by old chip fat.

“We are trying to get people to start think about their attitudes towards money and the way they treat each other and about the environment” said Kim as she tried to sell me a copy of the DVD.

“We do this by becoming involved in live organ donation, permaculture, freeganism and teaching English in developing countries

“We need people to consider making radical changes if we are serious about making the world work.”

The JC’s have hit the headlines several times recently. They were the subject of a C4 documentary ‘Kidneys for Jesus’ by award winning writer and film maker Jon Ronson (author of ‘The men who stare at goats’).

Dave McKay also appeared with his supporters on an episode of the ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’.  The abrasive chat show host confronted  them with allegations of abduction and brainwashing which resulted in Dave McKay walking off stage.

A ‘Jesus Christian’ couple have also taken part in TV reality show ‘Wife Swap’.

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