Eastleigh Blockaded!!

Dew lane

Traffic restrictions still in force at Passfield Avenue junction

The Blockade of Eastleigh by a coalition of workers from HCC and various Roads and Energy agencies intensifies tomorrow (Monday 8th February) when Eastleigh’s principal approach road, the A335 Leigh Road will be closed between Between Junction 13 of the M3 to the Junction with Bournemouth Road until 19th February.

In addition further sections will be closed at Night.

Eastleigh will completely surrounded – by diversions.

Leigh Rd Closur

We are surrounded!!

Traffic will be diverted along Bournemouth Road, Chesnut Avenue, Woodside Road, and Allbrook Hill

Full details here

A spokesman is claimed to have said:

“Residents should think about allowing a little extra traveling time onto their journeys – say three or four days”

On behalf of our local  traders and residents,  Eastleigh News issues this solemn vow:

We will never surrender!

They may try and starve us out, but as long as long as there  is still food on the shelves at Lidl, we will see it through!!

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Message from the 'Editor'

One local historian commented.

” In 1870 at the small town of Villeneuve St Georges, ( twinned with the Borough of Eastleigh) the first shots were fired in what was to become the ‘Siege of Paris”

“Things got so bad, residents were reduced to eating rats

he added:

“starvation will not be a problem”.

Menu paris 1870

Paris 1870. Menu includes stuffed donkey's head and 'Cat flanked by Rats'

Outside Burtons and Oswald Baileys in Market St today there were already signs that traders were preparing to tunnel their way out.

I’m lost for words – can you think of anything to say?

  3 comments for “Eastleigh Blockaded!!

  1. February 9, 2010 at 4:12 am

    Do you know what really boils the blood of Eastleigh people.. Its not the essential road works that all agree Eastleigh needs. No its the total lack of information about these road works that our Lib Dem council refuses to inform its residents about.

    The Eastleigh Local Area Committee, which is made up of local elected councillors, were given a full and detailed brief by Hampshire County Council regarding these road works and closures over six months ago..!!

    Did they bother to info local business? Did they explain to local residents? Did they warn the bus company? NO!!

    What they are doing is laying the blame fully at the feet of HCC for all the disruption and lack of warning.

    The people of Eastleigh are not that stupid Mr. House, we can see this for what it is. Local Lib Dems trying to score points over a Conservative controlled County Council on the run up to both local and national elections.

    Very Sad, Very Pathetic, VERY LIB DEM..!!

  2. Davo
    February 9, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    Not laying the gas main at the same time as doing the road works might have been a good idea

  3. Peter Stewart
    February 16, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    I remember before EU procurement directives forced road maintenance contracts out to private tender. The Council had a large team of road workers and a proper budget. Also absurd EU Health and Safety legislation was not hampering us then. Fully closed roads were extremely rare and then only for a day or two. Road maintenace is now completely HCC’s responsibility with EBC acting as agents for them and I strongly suspect this is an attempt by Conservative controlled HCC to make life awkward for Chris Huhne in the run-up to the General Election.

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