Emmerdale star wows Eastleigh’s shoppers

lorraine oage with Jeff Hordley

Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley (aka Caine Dingle) charms shopper Lorraine Page.

The tills were ringing once again in the towns former Woolworth store  as Poundland gave shoppers a taste of TV soap razzamataz to celebrate it’s offical opening.

As an instore DJ got the crowd bopping Emmerdale Farm’s Jeff Hordley AKA ‘nasty’ Caine Dingle declared the store open and signed autographs for star struck shoppers.

Long queues quickly formed on the checkouts in scenes reminiscent of Woolworth’s closing down sale in December 2008.

None of the former Woolworth staff however, have been re-employed by Poundland.

Meanwhile as shoppers flocked to Poundland for it’s celebrity opening, discount rival the 99p store in the Swan centre appeared to be trading normally while the ’89p Extra’ store was seen to have only two customers in it and three members of staff.

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Do discount shops offer better value for money than the big supermarket chains? Look out for our report next week!

  2 comments for “Emmerdale star wows Eastleigh’s shoppers

  1. February 13, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    You ask: “Do discount shops offer better value for money than the big supermarket chains?”

    Hmm! Kind of a trick question isn’t it?!!

    Both types of shop DESTROY local jobs, it’s all a question of how quickly. I believe the “super” markets destroy 7 jobs for every 1 job they “create”.

    As for these £1 stores! Well one can only guess. Since they are spearheading the race to the bottom (and the ultimate destruction of the entire retail base) perhaps the answer to your question:

    “Do discount shops offer better value for money than the big supermarket chains?”…

    is NO NO NO!

  2. February 13, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    In the last two years, Eastleigh has slowly been dying as a retail centre. More shops and offices are now closed and empty than at anytime in Eastleigh’s history. Jobs and job prospects for our school and college leavers are just about none existent and home repossessions in the Borough are at an all time high.

    Is it any wonder that the people of Eastleigh get excited at the sight of a third £1 or less shop opening, an event that five years ago would have passed relatively unnoticed and may have even caused the odd raised eyebrow..

    Its a shop opening for goodness sake Eastleigh..

    Now, open a new factory that gives 400 residents a job and I will be the first in the queue to dance to the DJ’s music..!!

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