Under the hammer today

The former Comrades Club on Leigh Road comes ‘under the hammer’ today as a sealed bid auction closes with a guide price of £380,000.

Many members have said this is  a cheap price for the Social Club which closed last October when the club went into administration.

The site occupies a prime 0.25 location facing the park, has parking for 20 cars and offers 5,000 sq ft of internal space.

Privately,  members had put a value on it of between £400K – £500K.

Said one:

“It’s seems crazy to think the council are spending nearly £700k on renovating the old Leigh Ballroom to house a youth club when they could have had an existing social club  – just a few yards away – for almost half the price”.

It’s understood that the Club’s debts were not overwhelming and certainly below £50k. A few years ago the premises was said to have an annual turnover of £400k .

After all debts are cleared, the 500 existing members are looking forward to collecting  a small windfall, their share of the capital.

Eastleigh once had a concentration of working mens clubs which reflected is status as an industrial manufacturing hub. However once the work was exported abroad, fewer working men meant less demand for clubs to socialise in. Both the Unity Club and Pirelli Social Club have closed

Meanwhile, as recently reported, local gyms and health clubs are experiencing rising membership – a clear sign of the change in the demographic and lifestyle of Eastleigh’s citizens.