MP’s Road Rage

Eastleigh’s MP Chris Huhne has hit out at the lack of planning that has seen Eastleigh’s town centre centre become surrounded by roadworks and diversions.

Traders in Eastleigh’s town centre have been beset bya  series of recent problems affecting their trade: power cuts, extreme weather, repairs to the  local electricity network and now roadworks.

The Lib Dem front bencher has written to the County Council to complain on behalf of Eastleigh’s residents and traders.

Mr Huhne said:

“I am all in favour of road repairs after the ravages of the cold weather, but the sudden rash of road works around Eastleigh is causing chaos and long delays.

“The resurfacing of Leigh Road west of the M3, closure of Dew Lane for gas works, narrowing of Passfield Avenue, restricted access to the M27 Eastleigh roundabout and night-time closure of the M3 junction 13 have all added to the woes of local motorists.

“I have rarely experienced such anger because local drivers simply do not understand why all these repairs need to be happening at the same time, rather than being phased more manageably over several weeks.”

Last month Chris Huhne also complained to Scottish and Southern Energy over the power failures which prompted the supplier to effect round the clock repairs.