PC’s to advise on PC Safety

Are your kids PC safe?

Do you know exactly what kind of rubbish your children may be viewing??

Police in Eastleigh are hosting an information stand in the Swan Centre tomorrow about internet safety for children.

Police officers and representatives from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre will be on hand between 9am and 1pm to advise parents about how to ensure their children use the internet and mobile phones safely and aren’t putting themselves at risk.

The event will be taking place on National Safer Internet Day, which is being led by CEOP and aims to raise awareness about how to protect children from the risks involved with using the internet.

For more information and advice about internet safety parents, teachers, carers and children can visit the CEOP websitewww.thinkuknow.co.uk

PC Karen Kingsnorth, who is one of the officers who will be at the information stand on Tuesday, said:

“If used properly the internet can open up a range of educational and social opportunities and is a fantastic resource for children of all ages. Hampshire Police want to ensure that both parents and their children understand the possible risks involved with using the internet so that youngsters will go on to make sensible and informed choices about what they do, who they talk to and what they post on the internet.”

Barbara Clayton, Eastleigh’s crime prevention officer, said:

Children love the internet. It’s a great way to have fun, keep in touch with friends, to research for homework or buy music, books and games. Parents can make a huge difference if they talk to their children about internet use, let them know they’re there to guide them and pass on essential safety advice.”