Quilley’s Big Lottery Win

quilley sports hall

Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne  was at Alderman Quilley School of engineering today to help celebrate the funding of the new sports hall with Lottery cash and to urge more local projects to bid for funding. He was accompanied Regional Lottery Chief Alison Rowe to meet keen basketball playing pupils and head teacher Richard Kelly.

Chris Huhne said:

The Big Lottery Fund’s investment of £1.3 million in the Quilley sports hall shows what can be done to help local communities. The hall benefits not just the pupils but also many local community groups who use it in the evening and at weekends”.

“I am keen to get local groups to apply for funding for good projects and activities, as the lottery still generates lots of cash for good causes”.

Alison Rowe, Big Lottery Fund head of region for the South East, said:

“Over £50 million of Big Lottery Fund cash has been channeled into first class sports facilities across the South East, giving thousands of people new opportunities to get active and participate in a wide range of sports not previously available to them.

According to the Big Lottery Fund website, only 14% of the money raised through Lottery sales is distributed to projects like the Quilley sports hall. Over £9 million worth of tickets must have been sold in order to have raised the £1.3 million the project needed

Research by the public think tank Theos published last August has shown manual workers and the unemployed are significantly more likely to play the National Lottery than those in the top managerial, professional careers and supervisory and clerical posts

“The old argument that the National Lottery is a ‘tax’ on the poor… may have some justification” the think tank concluded.

Can you think of a fairer and more efficient way to raise funds for social projects other than by a privately run lottery?

  2 comments for “Quilley’s Big Lottery Win

  1. Kevin Hayes
    February 6, 2010 at 3:45 am

    Theos does seem to stste the obvious…it is well known that the poor dream of wealth and the Lotto fills that need at a price. The least well off also pay a bigger percentage of income in taxes…they are also the most generous when giving to charity in emergency situations. As for the quality of life for all via the Lotto again the most put in comes from the least well off…(the golden goose) I also think schemes such as this should look to government to provide the much needed cash…a survey of our gambling habits should look into raising taxes to the level of our habit for chasing the impossible dream and then close down the Lotto and other forms of gambling.

  2. Kevin Hayes
    February 6, 2010 at 3:55 am

    I am not against gambling…just the type of easy or lazy theft from the poor that this type of business is all about…it also adds to the break-down in family life that this habit encourages…helping families in these situations costs us all more money where homelessness or providing shelter for children because gambling has ruined all those close to someone with an addictive nature…gambling should be in traditional areas away from the easy bet that the Lotto provides…a flutter can be fun, but also ruinous

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