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Collins house Eastleigh

Swaythling Housing Society have issued the following statement in response to our posts ‘Eastleigh’s Anti-Social Tenant Shame’ and ‘Update On Anti-Social Tenants

“In the Eastleigh area the Society owns 896 properties. We have been taking robust action to address anti-social behaviour wherever it affects residents, including Eastleigh. As a result by the end of December 2009, the Society had 8 open cases registered in the Eastleigh area (0.89%). 7 of the open cases involve nuisance from youths or noise.

We have taken robust action against residents in Alexander Square where we have had evidence of anti social behaviour, and have worked together with residents to take legal action where appropriate, which in some cases has resulted in tenants being evicted from Alexander Square. Any residents experiencing problems should contact us directly and we would be happy to meet with them to discuss what actions we can take. We also work in partnership with other agencies in the borough including the police and Eastleigh Borough Council.

We urge any residents who are experiencing problems due to anti-social behaviour to call ourselves on 023 8062 8000, Hampshire police on 0845 0454545 or 101 (within Hampshire) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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