Local candidates react to Chancellor’s Budget

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With the forthcoming General Election now only weeks away, Eastleigh’s candidates have been giving their reaction to the announcements in yesterday’s budget.

Sitting Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne claimed the budget was a missed chance to introduce fair taxes and announce credible measures to tackle the budget deficit.

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Huhne: Unfair tax burden on lower earners

“Alistair Darling has done as little as he thought he could get away with. Both the other parties are trying to avoid talking about the budget cuts that are necessary to put the finances right, and only Vince Cable has spelled out a £15 billion package that will keep the recovery going and stop the red ink flowing ” he said.

“It was also a missed chance to introduce fair taxes. It is appalling that we take more in income tax from lower earners than top earners, and we should ensure that everyone can earn £10,000 a year without paying any income tax. This will take 3.6 million out of income tax, and give anyone earning more than £10,000 a year a £700 tax cut funded by fairer burdens on the best off”

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Hutchings: Growth forecast just a fantasy

Maria Hutchings for the Conservatives queried the chancellors growth projections, which may commentators have labelled as over optimistic:

“This was an Alistair-in-Wonderland budget. Anyone who believes the chancellors growth forecasts should take their head out of the rabbit hole. This is reflected in the markets’ failure to react. Just like the rest of us they are waiting for a much needed General Election to be called.”

She also went on to say:

“The budget was yet another attempt by this Labour Government to wage a class war. Sadly, due to the freeze on personal tax allowances and the national insurance hike, millions of hard-working families will be hit worst by these stealth taxes. Yet again this Government creates a disincentive to do the right thing and work hard. They have abandoned middle England, the very people that pay the taxes.”

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Finch: It's a fiddle!

Speaking for the UK Independence Party, candidate Ray Finch compared the Chancellor to Nero:

“This budget simply represents the government fiddling whilst our economy burns. Once again the poor, disadvantaged and hard working ordinary people in our nation are having their pockets picked by Fagin Brown and his thieving rascals to pay for their rescue of wealthy bankers and the bloated bureaucracy that feeds the maw of this disreputable government.”

He also added that tax rises on cigarettes, alcohol and fuel had a disproportionate effect on the lower paid.

Unfortunately we were unable to contact the Labour PPC for Eastleigh, but for the benefit of the 10,000 constituents who voted Labour in the last election and may be considering doing so again, here is a link to his official web page.


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  1. March 25, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Actually Chris I can beat Vince Cable’s £15 Billion package, which lets face it, isn’t going to make much of a dent in the UK’s £168 billion deficit.

    1) Scrap Trident. £130 Billion saved

    2) Bring our Boys back from Afgahnistan. £18 Billion saved.

    Thats £148 Billion saved without public service cuts to the NHS and our Schools and council services.

    Why should we have to face hardship just so the Government can buy weapons of mass destruction and get our troops blown to bits in Helmand?

    This country is almost bankrupt, colonialism is a luxury we can no longer afford.

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