Pothole damaged your car? Sue your Council!

Potholes - council looking into them

Potholes - The council are looking into them

Drivers who have suffered damage to their vehicles through striking a pothole should seek compensation from their council according to pressure group ‘Potholes.co.uk’.

A wet summer followed by a freezing winter has seen a large number of potholes created in Hampshire –  including Eastleigh – with the junctions on the Town Centres busy Blenheim Road particulary badly affected.

Local  taxi firm boss James Whiffen told Eastleigh News how one of his cars suspension needed over £600 worth of repairs after hitting a pothole on a busy Hampshire road.

With Hamsphire County Council not adding any extra resources to its annual £2 million budget for road mending the problem seems set to be around for a while.  Car owners without comprehensve insurance would left to foot the bill any repairs while even those who are ‘Fully comp’ can be faced with ‘excess’ payments of many hundreds of pounds not to mention lost time from work

While those with ‘legal expense’ add on policies attached to their Car insurance or household insurance , the website  for ‘Potholes.co.uk’  has published a ‘step by step’ D.I.Y guide for submitting claims to the council:


They advise potential claiments not to be deterred if confronted by a defence under Section 58 of the Highways Act and say it is possible to recoup most most expenses.


Has your car been damaged by a  pothole? How much has it cost to put right?

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  1. Peter Stewart
    March 14, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Potholes are NOT so much evidence of wet summers and freezing winters, but of 37 years of cumulative underfunding of the British infrastructure as a result of the European Union bleeding us to the tune of £200 BILLION each year!!! No wonder there is not enough in the kitty to pay for drains to be cleared.

    Did you know the road drains used to be inspected and if necessary cleared WEEKLY? Now they are cleared ANNUALLY (or in emergencies). There is simply not the money to fund our own infrastructure as well as that of Europe.

    Did you know that waterloged roads … (which happens now EVERY time it rains), partly due to blocked drains and partly due to excess housing development due to open EU borders which has reduced the available area of porous land…waterlogged roads cause destabilization and hydraulic shock damage to the substructure of roads every time vehicle tyres pass through the permanent puddles!

    The damage this causes (potholes) costs TEN TIMES what it would cost to simply keep the drains clear. So much for Tory led Hampshire County Council who are responsible for keeping our drains clear.

    But that is not all! Due to Tory implementation of the EU procurement directives, the well run Council road repair gangs have now been replaced by a profit led, external contract maintenance sytem. The result has often been inferior repairs to pot holes and inferior laying of the road surface to begin with. Again this is down to lack of funds caused by so much of our taxes going to fund the EU.

    Next time you run over a pot hole, you can curse the EU!

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