SP Man slams Rose Bowl Hotel plan

Nick Chaffey Socialist Party

Nick Chaffey. He may be left, but is he right?

‘Madness’. That is how Socialist Party organiser Nick Chaffey has described Eastleigh Borough Council’s decision to fund the building of a £32 million Hotel at the Rose Bowl complex.

Speaking  at the Inaugural meeting of the Eastleigh Branch of the Socialist Party, the former MEP Candidate told supporters gathered at the Home Tavern:

‘We are not opposed to the development of the Rose Bowl but for the Council to put up millions of pounds for a luxury 5 star hotel while the town is experiencing record unemployment and hundreds of people are struggling to pay their basic housing costs is obscene and shows how far out of touch with the needs of ordinary people this Lib Dem majority, fat cat council really is.”

“It is not as if most people in the Town will ever be able to afford to stay there.”

He added that Eastleigh Socialist Party would be calling a Public Meeting to ask the people of Eastleigh:

“How would YOU spend £32 Million in the Borough?”

Announcing the party’s intention to campaign in the forthcoming council elections Mr Chaffey said the needs of working Class people were under-represented in the Council, vowing:

‘We intend to give those people a voice’

photo by Bill Chandler

He may be left, but is he right? What do you think of the council plans, are they ‘Madness’ or a prudent investment which will shave £££££’s of middle income Council Tax bills?

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