‘Tory’ Vorderman savages ‘St. Chris’

Saint Christopher Huhne

Not that I'm suggesting that he's carrying anyone...

Eastleigh’s Lib Dem Mp Chris Huhne’s concerns about Conservative campaign funding were mocked last night on BBC’s ‘Question Time’ by TV personality Carol Vorderman.

In a lively response to a question on Lord Ashcroft’s non- domiciled tax status, the feisty fifty year old maths genius defended the Tory Peer by accusing both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats of receiving financial aid under similar circumstances.

In an apparent reference to Chris Huhne’s call for an investigation into the funding of the Conservative ‘Target Seat’ campaign – from which Eastleigh Conservative Party has previously received £25,000 and his further revelation that the billionaire Lord had avoided paying almost £130 million in UK taxes, (which Ms Vorderman dismissed as a ‘technicality) she appeared to accuse the popular Eastleigh MP of taking ‘a holier than thou’ attitude calling him ‘Saint Chris Huhne.’

She went on to make allegations regarding donations to Mr Huhne’s Lib Dem leadership campaign while fellow panellist Baroness Williams tried to explain to the ranting TV celebrity that the ‘Ashcroft’ issue was regarding non Dom status by members of the legislature.

As the TV show progressed doubts regarding Ms Vorderman impartiality as a panellist were raised both by the other guests and by members of the audience– who had earlier heard host Johnathan Dimblebey describe the ‘Countdown’ star as ‘head of a mathematics task force for the Conservative Party.’

As the programme drew to a close Johnathan Dimbleby said:

“This programme lasts an hour but felt at times like more to me”.

After the show Carol Vorderman’s performance immediately became a ‘trending topic’ on Twitter.

One Tweeter claimed that as Ms Vorderman had a 3rd class degree under Conservative proposals she would be ineligible to train as teacher, yet the conservatives had hired her to advise them on Maths teaching.

Another described her as “close minded right wing nutcase”, another as a ‘Tory Attack dog’. Most expressed surprised at her views, while others put links up to an online article in the New Statesmen which compared her unfavourably with Sarah Palin.

Tweeters included Chris Huhne himself who tweeted:

“New career highlight as Carol Vorderman takes a pop at me on Question Time, and gets horribly muddled on non-doms. Bless!”

Did you see Question time? What did you think of Carol Vorderman’s performance? Do you think Chris Huhne was right to call for an inquiry  into funding of  the Conservative campaign ?