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Ray Finch UKIP Eastleigh

Ray Finch thinks Chris Huhne's expenses takes the biscuit...

Eastleigh’s UKIP candidate Ray Finch has fired the first shot in the Eastleigh General Election campaign. In the wake of the ‘Ashcroft’ furore and in response to an Eastleigh News story the minority party representative has launched a stinging on  attack on his main party rivals.  In an email reproduced below, he accuses the Conservative candidate of flip-flopping on the Lisbon referendum and appears to suggest Chris Huhne’s concerns regarding Lord Ashcroft’s companies bank-rolling the conservative cmpaign is unjustifed in the light of his own expense claims for chocolate hob nobs.

Dear Eastleigh News,

The fact that Mr. Huhne, the present Eastleigh MP, has chosen to call for an enquiry into the Ashcroft funding of the Tory party should come as no surprise to anyone. However Mr. Huhne, who expects the taxpayer to pay for his chocolate Hobnobs and a trouser press despite owning seven homes is really in no position to talk about this sort of thing. The Lib Dems have not been above taking money from people who are entirely above suspicion so it appears to be a case of people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Mr. Huhne is right to be worried about the Tory money-bombing of the Eastleigh constituency. We have all seen the amount of glossy paper shoved through our letterboxes by the hordes of Tory canvassers who have seemingly descended from nowhere to plague Eastleigh in support of Mrs. Hutchings, who has also seemingly risen from nowhere to claim residence in Eastleigh. The fact is that this sort of tactic obviously works. What the voters of Eastleigh need to consider is whether to vote for either:

A) An MP receiving a pension from the EU who has produced a book saying why Britain should scrap the pound and join the Euro. A course of action which would have resulted in our present economic crisis being even worse than it is.

B) A candidate who appeared on the platform in the “I want a referendum” campaign in Eastleigh and has kept completely silent on the subject of her party leaders breathtaking breaking of his unconditional promise in “The Sun” newspaper to offer the British people a referendum on the Lisbon treaty.

C) A candidate for the party that has caused the biggest economic disaster in the last 70 years and which insists on giving untold billions of the taxpayers money to bankers and £45 million a day to the EU. The party which now plans to impose VAT on food to make you pay for their crass economic incompetence.

D) A candidate who was the ONLY one to support the Ford workers when their management, with the connivance of the EU, exported their jobs to Turkey even when it was proven that they were making great profits and a great product. The candidate who first pointed out the danger of a proven poison (Fluoride) being added to the water supply against the plainly stated wishes of the people of Eastleigh. The only one of the 4 candidates who wants to restore sovereignty to Westminster and stop paying £45 million a day to the EU and instead give it back to the people of Britain.

Ray Finch. UKIP Parliamentary Candidate. Eastleigh

Crumbs! That’s telling them! Are you influenced by ‘Glossy’ leaflets through your door? Do they make a difference to the way you vote?

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  1. March 9, 2010 at 1:12 am

    O Dear, here we go again..!!

    Whilst I respect what Ray has to say on National issues such as how political parties canvas the votes of the electorate and his comments regarding the Pound, the Euro, MP’s expenses, British Sovereignty, Employment and the selection of PPC’s, I am again sadden to see that he has already forgotten what LOCAL MP’s are elected for..

    If you want to gain the LOCAL vote Ray then you need to fight for local issues and local people. Eastleigh voters are sick to death of national and international politics. For far too long this once great town of OURS has been robbed and raped by the LOCAL Lib Dem’s whilst the LOCAL MP, also a Lib Dem, has turned a blind eye to the way his fellow party members in LOCAL government have increased LOCAL taxation, lowered LOCAL social and economical values, removed LOCAL services and wasted millions of Eastleigh tax payers money on bizarre and barmy loss making projects.

    If you really want to fight for Eastleigh and its residents you will need to better understand its people and listen well..!!

    We don’t give a stuff about sad and bitter cross party fighting about who did what and who got what..

    We care about OUR town, OUR services, OUR jobs, OUR community and OUR children’s future in this once great town of OURS.

    We don’t need a reconditioned car park, a new hotel, anymore local tree’s being cut down, green spaces and allotments destroyed and we most certainly don’t need any more F**KING dancing facilities at The Point..!!

    Keywords Ray, LOCAL and OUR.

    Get THE POINT..!! (Pun Intended)

  2. Peter Stewart
    March 14, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    No town is an island. John Donne said that (well, I’m sure he would have done had he been alive today). The fact is, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate Ray Finch is right: Eastleigh’s problems are NATIONAL. Chasing local problems like deindustrialization is as pointless in the long run as chasing shadows. If Britain is to survive the NEXT recession (perhaps in 20 years time) we MUST urgently leave the EU and rebuild our industrial base. This means closing our borders to the mass immigratin of cheap EU labour which is dangerously undermining our employment base (especially among 16 to 25 year olds) (but also in the 25 to 50 year bracket too) and re-imposing tariffs on cheap foreign imports. At the Tory led (red-herring referendum campaign) “I Want a Referendum” held in Eastleigh two years ago, I asked neo-Tory hopeful (former Essex girl and life-long Labour supporter) Maria Hutchings the most simple question: “Do you PERSONALLY believe Britain should leave the EU…yes or no”? Her answer is typical of Tory politicians. She said, “Well it’s not quite as simple as staying in or leaving”!!! Hmm! When I quizzed her arrogant Tory minions, they said that had she expressed her REAL views, she would have been deselected. If Tories cannot speak freely about the EU while in the campaigns, then what hope is there if they get into office?

    • Stephen Nicholls
      April 19, 2010 at 11:14 am

      Peter. I absolutely concur with your views.
      What a pity more people don’t think like you. The main three parties love to tell us what they will do to fix our country.
      They love to tell us how in-tune with the ordinary people they are and what they will do to get our industries working again. The problem is that words are cheap.
      When push comes to shove they are without morals, principles or integity. The broken promise by all of them on the Libon Treaty is yet further proof. Add to that they’ve all been caught fiddling their expenses… nuff said.

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