Walkout Washout

job centre plus sign

A familiar sight to many Eastleigh residents

Despite thousands of civil servants obeying the twoday strike call by the PCS union, it was ‘business as usual’ at Eastleigh’s Jobcentre plus on Southampton Road.

The only sign of industrial action were notices that had been posted apologising to claimants for any delay due to ‘exceptional circumstances’.

One member of staff claimed that only a couple of people had taken part in the stoppage adding that many others were on short term contracts anyway, and less likely to support action.

Civil servants are striking to protest about proposed changes to their redundancy arrangements which they claim will see some union members up to 30% worse off in the event of cuts to services and staff numbers.

Elsewhere the PCS union claimed ‘Massive support’ for the strike with thousands taking part. Locally, support was reported at the DWP centre in Totton, the RNLI offices in Southampton and at the Ordnance Survey.

Commenting on the PCS website,  Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary, said:

“There has been a fantastic show of support for the strike action today with civil and public servants walking out across the UK.

The government needs to stop burying its head in the sand and wake up to the scale of anger that has been generated by their plans to cut jobs on the cheap.
“Loyal civil servants face losing tens of thousands of pounds if they are forced out of their jobs. The government is tearing up their contracts in front of their eyes, yet claims it can do nothing about bankers’ bonuses because of contractual obligations. We expect support for the industrial action to grow and call on the government to reach an negotiated agreement.”