Brown: Vote Lib Dem to keep Tories out


In an interview with online political magazine ‘’ Labour Leader Gordon Brown has suggested that in seats where the Labour candidate has no hope of winning, then Labour Party supporters should vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate to prevent Conservatives from gaining a seat:

“I want everybody to vote Labour and I want people to vote for our party, and I want our vote to be the highest and I want our number of seats to be the highest.

“But if people don’t want a Conservative government then they must make sure they don’t allow the Conservatives in.”

Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne would clearly stand to be a major beneficiary of any Labour tactical voting and the local Lib Dems have already adopted the slogan ‘Labour can’t win here’ in an attempt to persuade Labour voters to do exactly what the Labour leader now appears to be proposing.

Only 500 votes separated him from the conservative candidate in 2005 and the labour candidate Leo Barraclough is a distant 50/1 shot with the bookies.

Chris Huhne was out canvassing in the Velmore area this evening and when shown the text of Gordon Brown’s Interview, gave the following reaction:

“To be perfectly honest, I am astonished!”

“ I don’t think any other party leader has ever said something like that.”

“ At the moment we have both the Conservatives on one side saying ‘If you want to get rid of Gordon Brown you have to vote conservative’ while in a lot of the seats we’re fighting against Labour what they’re saying is ‘if you want to get rid of David Cameron you have got to vote Labour.’

“The truth is they are both running a bit scared of us.”

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