Eastleigh Airport deserted


Self service check in Kiosks stand idle

Eastleigh Airport’s busy departure terminal was deserted this evening as air travellers heeded warnings to stay away due to the Icelandic Volcanic Ash cloud which was drifting over Britain. Every single flight was cancelled and there was just 6 staff on the check in desks handling phone calls while two retail workers replenished the shelves at W.H. Smith.

“As soon as we have finished this we are off home” one said.

Airport officials have announced that flights will not resume until at 1 pm Friday afternoon.

This year, Eastleigh Airport will be celebrating it’s 100th birthday. It is known as Eastleigh Airport becasue its entire perimeter is located within the Eastleigh boundary.

The original hangers were built in 1918 by the USNAF who flew bombing missions on U boat bases in Zeebrugge and Ostend in what became known as the ‘Battle of Eastleigh’.

In 1935 the Airport became an RAF station – called RAF Eastleigh.


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  1. Peter Stewart
    April 16, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    How odd that it should be BRITISH airspace which is completely shut down, while most of Europe is relatively untouched. Hmm! Now I wonder who gave the order to shut down OUR airspace??? The answer is “Eurocontrol” (the European Organization for the Safety of Air Traffic)located in … BRUSSELS! I think this whole volcano business has been blown out of all proportion. I don’t believe there is any dust cloud, or if there is, it is not the problem we are being told it is. This is another “swine flu” type scare tactic, exploited by our totalitarian masters to maintain a state of fear and control over an increasingly anti-authoritarian populace. Why can’t our sophisticated aircraft fly UNDER this so-called cloud or ABOVE it or ROUND it? Shades of WMD all over again!

    • Graham Hunter
      April 17, 2010 at 7:46 pm

      Not sure what this guy is on, but he talks total dribble.
      Perhaps we should charter a pilotless jet engined aircraft and send him up into UK or european airspace, and see how long he lasts!

      Suggest he talks to the flight crew of the BA 747 flight that had to wrestle (very skillfully) the restarting of the engines back in 1982 over Jakarta after ash ingression.

      Jet engines ONLY work well at high altitude, in fact if they flew at low level, would NEVER make their destinations!
      This is a pure design point of the jet engine.

      I guess we will always have pratts in this world, and I am not talking about Pratt & Wittney Jet Engines!

      • mm
        Eastleigh Xpress
        April 17, 2010 at 8:27 pm

        The guy who piloted that flight, Eric Moody, is the Uncle of my mate Clive Brooks!

  2. Matthew Myatt
    April 17, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    I wondered how long it would be before the EU would get the blame for the Volcano in Iceland being the cause of NATS closing UK airspace.

    And once again the facts are all wrong and total rubbish. These are the facts;

    Originally setup as the National Air Traffic Control Services (NATCS) in 1962, bringing together responsibility for the UK’s existing military and civil Air Traffic Control services, the organisation became National Air Traffic Services when responsibility for sponsoring the civil air traffic service component was transferred to the newly formed UK Civil Aviation Authority in 1972.

    Leadership of NATS (the ‘Controller’) alternated between civil and military, the latter normally a serving Air Marshal. NATS staff were drawn from the CAA and the MOD.

    The London Air Traffic Control Centre at RAF West Drayton opened in 1966. West Drayton continued to provide ATC services until it finally closed in 2007, with the move to Swanwick, Hampshire. ENGLAND.!!

    The current shareholders are: the UK government (49%); The Airline Group (42%) which is a consortium of British Airways, BMI, EasyJet, Monarch Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson Airways and Virgin Atlantic and NATS employees (5%).


    So how on earth is the EU to blame for the shutting down of UK airspace.??

  3. Peter Stewart
    April 19, 2010 at 10:44 am

    My understanding is it was NOT a UK authority which grounded all flights over the UK but the European Organization for the Safety of Air Traffic located in BRUSSELS. The question is: Who was behind the decision to ground all flights over the UK?

    One must not put much faith in what he reads in the papers, hears on the radio and sees on the TV. Instead one must read between the lines of government lies and propaganda.

    My original comment was posted on the 16th in the Eastleigh News.co.uk ahead of any other similar comments. Today there is this quote from the Daily Telegraph:

    “A number of European carriers have run test flights which they say have identified no problems operating in areas closed by the authorities. British Airways said one of its planes encountered “perfect” conditions between Heathrow and Cardiff airport.”

    Mark my words, in a few weeks EVERYONE will be talking about the great volcanic dust hoax!

    That Jumbo which flew into volcanic ash in 1982 was very unlucky but we have moved on a long way from then.

    The net result of this ban is to condition people into believing that the UK is a vulnerable island, easily cut off and isolated. This helps nobble UKIP in the General Election and also helps the treacherous Tory leadership make a few gains out of public fear.

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