Hants Police annual report shows drop in Crime


Alex Marshall on patrol

Hampshire Constabulary claim they are winning the war against anti-social behaviour, and that public confidence and satisfaction with the force is continuing to increase.

The force’s annual performance figures, released today, show that the number of crimes committed in the last 12 months has fallen by more than 10 per cent –from 158,900 for 2008-2009 to 142,394 for 2009-2010.

The force has seen a large drop in the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour across Hampshire and is well within its target for reducing rowdy and nuisance behaviour, vehicle nuisance and criminal damage.

This reduction is, they say, a result of the continued effort of officers across the two counties and local councils have put in to strengthening neighbourhood policing and the dedicated campaign run to reduce anti-social behaviour.

The campaign ran from July 1 to the end of September last year and resulted in significant reductions in all anti-social behaviour.

Click here to listen the Chief Constable talking about Law & Order issues in Hampshire.

The year-on-year figures for anti-social behaviour also show a large reduction in offences. There was a 19 per cent drop in the number of incidents of criminal damage (35,346 offences to 28,612), a 19 per cent drop in rowdy and nuisance incidents (75,085 offences to 60,818), and a 25 per cent drop in vehicle nuisance incidents (13,124 offences to 9,883).

This year’s campaign will run over the summer period.

Chief Constable Alex Marshall said:

“The figures reflect solid performance and show that we are continuing to cut crime across the two counties.”

“Our performance has been judged in a number of areas and a number of ways in recent weeks and our figures released today demonstrate that we are going in the right direction.”

Hampshire Constabulary say they are also working hard to address domestic abuse and hate crime, and its commitment to this area is paying dividends.

Hampshire Constabulary say they have a ‘positive action policy’ where people committing domestic abuse are arrested at the earliest opportunity and held to account for their actions. This is reflected by an arrest rate of over 80 per cent for domestic abuse crimes.

The figures also highlight success in several other areas.

Over the past 12 months, the number of burglaries has fallen by about eight per cent and serious acquisitive crime overall (including robbery, vehicle crime and burglary) has fallen by about 16 per cent (21,585 offences to 18,155). The number of assaults with less injury has also dropped by about three per cent (14,203 offences to 13,785).

One area that has been highlighted as needing some attention is the solving of serious ‘acquisitive’ crimes (including vehicle crime and domestic burglary).

The proportion of crimes solved has increased compared to last year, but, they there is still work to be done.

Commenting on the figures, Mr Marshall said:

“The Police Authority set a very challenging target in relation to solving serious acquisitive crime, and we are working hard to achieve that level of detection.

“However, the number of these crimes has been reduced significantly over recent years and we compare favourably to our peer group of similar forces. In the past year, my officers have disrupted 34 organised crime groups across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Removing this element from our counties is vitally important progress in making our communities safer.

“My officers and police staff are absolutely determined to make local neighbourhoods safer and to catch burglars and car thieves quickly.”

“The target set for serious acquisitive crime will also stand for the next 12 months and we will strive to ensure we achieve that level of detection.

“Research shows that the confidence the public has in us is growing. We won’t rest on our laurels, we know that we have to work very hard to maintain that, but through further targeting of antisocial behaviour and criminality, we will continue to build on the progress made this year.”

Councillor Jacqui Rayment, Chair of Hampshire Police Authority said:

:“The latest performance figures show that we were right to give Hampshire Constabulary some tough targets to meet, and they have risen to the challenge.”

“Local people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight can be confident that we will continue to work closely with the police to cut crime and anti-social behaviour again this year, and to improve the policing service across all areas.

“Knowing that crime rates are falling helps make people feel safer in their communities and more confident in their local police.”