“Labour can’t be trusted” says Willetts

Maria Hutchings and David Willets

TMS apprentices Chelsea Barr (L) and Rachel Howorth (R) with Maria Hutchings and David Willetts

“Labour can’t be trusted on taxes” said David Willets the Shadow Minister for Universities and Skills when asked for a reaction to labour’s pledge in its manifesto not to raise income tax.

“They said no to income tax rises in their last manifesto and promptly broke their promise by getting rid of the 10% tax and making it 20% and of course they have introduced the new higher rate 50 % band.”

He was speaking on Monday while accompanying Conservative candidate for Eastleigh, Maria Hutchings on a visit to ‘Travel Management Solutions’ (TMS) an Eastleigh based company participating in ‘NAS’- the government backed apprenticeship scheme.

Bob and Rachel Lewis the directors of TMS introduced the Politicians to Chelsea Barr and Rachel Howarth, two apprentices working toward NVQ’s in Business Administration.

They explained to the visitors how they preferred their paid Vocational based training to academic based further education.

Mr Willetts and Ms Hutchings listened to suggestions from the directors as to how the apprenticeship scheme could be improved while Mr. Willetts outlined conservative plans to expand apprenticeships and University places.

At the end of the meeting Ms Hutchings was invited to comment on the Labour Manifesto launch earlier in the day – in particular Gordon Brown’s claim that the Labour party was:

“The party of the Middle Class, the party of the middle incomed”

She responded by saying:

“This government has failed people in terms of the gap between rich and poor. Aiming your policies at one section of society just because you believe that’s where the votes are is the wrong way to do things.

We, as conservatives, want to improve the lives of everyone”

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