Two out of three ain’t bad

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David Bowden - looking for Leo

Sky News award winning special correspondent David Bowden has been spotted on the streets of Eastleigh out in search of Leo Barraclough the Brighton based Labour party candidate for Eastleigh.

Eastleigh News bumped into David and his team who were filming in Market Street Tuesday morning.

They were shooting sequences for their election coverage and had earlier interviewed Chris Huhne and Maria Hutchings – however they were disappointed that they had been unable to speak to the Labour candidate who was still in Brighton.

“We phoned him up yesterday” explained one of the crew “and he suggested we come to Brighton to film him.”


“This close to polling day, if you ain’t in the constituency then you aren’t really trying”

Both David Bowden and the crew were very pleasant taking time to chat to the curious. They even asked me if I had ever met Mr Barraclough or knew anything about him.

I was able to tell the Sky team that Leo Barraclough also worked in the Media and had described himself as an ‘International Journalist” at a hustings last Sunday.

As one of Sky’s senior reporters, David Bowden has regularly reported from Afghanistan and Iraq as well as covering wars in Lebanon, Gaza and the Balkans. He has also reported extensively from Africa, including Zimbabwe and covered natural disasters in China, India, and Mozambique, DRC and the US as well as general reporting from Russia, the Middle East, America, Europe and Northern Ireland.

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