Ex National Front men ‘target’ Chris Huhne

keith low, david durant, eastleigh

Keith Low (r) and David Durant (L) campaigning in Eastleigh

A political party which claims to be heirs to the Liberal party tradition but is run by former top members of the National Front, has been campaigning in Eastleigh urging Liberal Democrat voters to ‘Punish Chris Huhne’ for his ‘betrayal over Europe.’

Three members on the National Executive of the Essex based National Liberal Party – Patrick Harrington, Graham Williamson and David Kerr all once held senior positions in the far right National Front – although they have since repudiated their former association with it, claiming to have voted for its disbandment.

Patrick Harrington is also currently the General Secretary of the ‘Solidarity’ trade union which is supported by the BNP.

In a telephone interview, General Secretary of the party David Durant – an alleged former NF member who also occupies a position on the National Executive of Solidarity – claimed that the National Liberal Party occupied the ‘patriotic centre’ of the political spectrum.

While he acknowledged that Chris Huhne supports the principle of an in/out referendum on EU membership he said that he should still be ‘punished’ for reneging on a manifesto commitment to support a referendum on the EU constitution.

It would appear that out of the 311 Mp’s who voted against a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Mr Huhne alone has been ‘targeted’ and the National Liberals have been distributing leaflets urging Lib Dems to punish him either by voting for them or by abstaining.

target huhne

Although The National Liberal Party has yet to win an election, they have consistently beaten the Liberal Democrats in local elections within the London Borough of Havering.

Mr Huhne is defending a slim 530 vote majority over his Conservative rival who would be the main beneficiary of any switch in allegiance from the Liberal Democrats to Liberal Nationalists.

The National Liberal Party is being represented in Eastleigh by retired postman Keith Low from the Essex constituency of Castlepoint.

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