Old School Rules

cranbury rd school

Queen Anne style dormers, broach spire with weather vane, original slate roof intact. Nice.

Eastleigh News has nominated the former Cranbury Road Infant School – now serving as Eastleigh College Education Annexe – for inclusion on the register of ‘most at risk buildings in the country’ as compiled by the Victorian Society, a heritage charity which campaigns for the preservation of Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

Queen Anne style tall stacks - red brick - perforated ridge tiles. Yum.

Queen Anne style tall stacks - red brick - decorative ridge tiles. Yum.

The current custodians of the building, Eastleigh College, plan to demolish the 120 year old original Victorian school and replace it with a terrace of 10 mock Victorian houses complete with faux chimney pots – a plan which met with the approval of the town’s councillors at the Eastleigh Area Local Committee meeting last Tuesday.


Original iron guttering - not plastic - with wrought iron brackets.

The ‘Board School’ built in 1892, dates back to the era which saw the birth of the both the education system as we know it today and the birth of our town – education only became free in 1891 and the school building not only predates the old Town Hall, but also the formation of Eastleigh’s first ‘Local Board’ council (1894).


Victorian railings which survived the great railings massacre of 1939 -45.

Are Victorian buildings worth preserving? – if not – why build fake ones? Or are people like the ‘Victorian Society’ just Luddites trying to stand in the way of progress – what do you think?

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