Parking Permit ‘bombshell’ Exploded


Eastleigh Labour Party have been criticised by the Liberal Democrats for distributing a flyer with the ‘Bombshell’ claim that the Lib Dem controlled council has ‘secret plans’ to introduce a charge for the issue of resident’s first parking permits.

Currently the first permit is free with a £50 charge for the second permit and a £100 for a third.

Labour candidate for central ward, Chris Gilkes alleged the plan was being “kept under wraps until after the election”

The Sitting Lib dem councillor for Central ward Wayne Irish, responded to Eastleigh News by saying:

“The Lib Dems have been crystal clear on existing parking zones,

“There will be NO charges for the first permit. Not now. Not in the future. No chance.

“In many Labour-run Councils, residents face a hefty bill for parking any cars.”

Leader of the Council, Keith House added:

“This is total nonsense made up by Labour, desperate to try to come better than fourth as they did last year”.

In a poll of Eastleigh News readers last December, 50% of respondents indicated they were opposed to a hike parking permit fees by choosing the option ‘I will never vote Lib Dem again’.

Ok, I advise any readers who may be affected by this story to print it out and keep it for future reference!