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Assistant Chief Constable Nicholson plans to crack down on anti-social behaviour

As part of a new initiative to combat anti-social behaviour Hampshire residents are being invited by the police to send in videos and photos of problems in their communities

Hampshire Constabulary say they will be  working  to reduce the number of anti-social behaviour incidents  across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight this summer .

Starting on Friday, May 28, the campaign will run until the end of August.

The summer ASB campaign will see all sections of Hampshire Constabulary, including police staff and non-frontline officers unite to support their Safer Neighbourhoods teams and local councils to tackle this issue. Although this is an initial three month campaign, a focus on tackling ASB will continue after the end of August as they planning to make provisions to continue to effectively tackle ASB across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Residents are with videos, photos, letters etc which highlight the areas in their community that they would to see the police dealing with should visit or call 101 to contact their local Safer Neighbourhoods team.

The force lead for anti-social behaviour, Assistant Chief Constable Laura Nicholson said: “We want to hear from local residents about what they want to see police officers doing in their community and what they feel the main issues regarding ASB are.

“During the next three months, when historically we see a rise in reported incidents of anti-social behaviour, I am putting more of my team out on patrols in known hotspots across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

“We know that reducing anti-social behaviour is the key to making our residents feel safer and more confident and we continue to crackdown on our offenders and provide more support for our victims.”

Residents should report any incidents of anti-social behaviour by calling 101. For more information about the campaign and for advice on how to help deal with anti-social behaviour, visit

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