Handgun arrest in Town Centre


Police have arrested a man after an alleged firearm incident in Eastleigh.

Officers were called to Mitchell Road, the service road that runs between Market Street and Southampton Road in Eastleigh town centre, in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, June 16, after a man claimed he had been threatened by another man who he alleges fired shots.

police on roof mitchell road eastleigh following alleged shooting incident

Police search roof on Mitchell Road following alleged shooting incident

The shots, said to be fired from a hand-gun, were allegedly fired into the air towards a deserted multi-story car park. No-one was injured as a result of the reported incident.

Police at Regal Walk Eastleigh at Handgun shooting incident scene

Search concentrated on rear of dry cleaners by Regal Walk.

An area of Mitchell Road has been cordoned off by police to allow officers to conduct a thorough search of the area and three police cars with specialist officers and sniffer dogs were still combing the area at 10’clock this morning with officers even climbing on to the rear flat roof on Johnsons dry cleaners to search for evidence.

No firearms have been recovered so far.

In the meantime, police will continue to interview the 40 year old local man they arrested to try and corroborate the allegations.

Police dog at handgun crime scene eastleigh

Police dog gets a drinky..N.B another photo of a green petrol can ...third one this week!

So this year there been several incidents involving firearms in central Eastleigh.

In January the Gatso camera on Bishy Road was blown to bits, allegedly with a shot gun or other explosive device and the Texaco service station, also on Southampton Road has been held up twice, both times by individuals brandishing what appeared to be a handgun.

In April several cars in Chadwick Road were damaged by an improvised explosive device and a man was charged with causing an explosion likely to endanger life.

Simon Carr at work

Echo Chief reporter Simon Carr gets the latest from the Police.

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