Huge fire on former Pirelli site

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Up to 70 fire fighters from across Hampshire have been fighting a huge blaze at the site of the former Pirelli Social club this afternoon.

At about 3 o’clock the fire brigade arrived on the scene at Dew Lane as smoked billowed out across Eastleigh.

Both Dew Lane and Leigh Road were closed to traffic quickly causing gridlock and as residents from the nearby Park 21 estate spilled out on to the streets, flames could be seen shooting up almost 40 feet into the sky.

It took over an hour to control the blaze and the cause is being investigated. Two fire fighters are reported as have been affected by the inhalation of smoke.


An empty petrol can was spotted discarded in nearby Pluto Road and reported to the Police by Eastleigh News.

Ironically Prysmian manufactures fire resistant cables.

Fire can spread quickly – are your house and contents covered?

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