More World Cup Warnings Issued

Come on England

Come on England! Eastleigh residents ready for cup glory.

With hours left to England’s world cup kick off, Hampshire authorities have issued further warnings for footy fans to behave themselves during the competition.

A campaign entitled ‘Watch your Game” has been launched by the NHS South Central region in conjunction with local Police forces including Hampshire.

Speaking for South Central NHS Dr Robert Sherriff said:

“Drinking excessively is a real concern for health care professionals and the NHS are anticipating an increase in the number of people attending hospital with alcohol-related injuries or illnesses during the World Cup.

We want people to ‘Watch their game’ this World Cup, enjoy the sport but be aware of how much they are drinking. We know that people who drink too much are more likely to injure themselves, become a victim of crime or an offender.”

Dr Sherriff went on to say that by drinking more than your safe limit, drinkers were:

“At risk of developing mental health problems, having a stroke or a heart attack.”

(Presumably risks which are exacerbated by watching England play while drinking)

As well as addressing alcohol-related violence and sickness, the campaign will encourage people to report all associated incidents of racism and homophobia.

Remember it’s wrong to beat the wife up, Its only a game.

Sergeant Mark Voller, Licensing Officer at Hampshire Constabulary said: “The World Cup is a fantastic event and we want everyone to be able to go out and enjoy it and not have their evening ruined by drunken violence.”

Eastleigh Borough Council have also jumped on the ‘World Cup’ bandwagon as cabinet member for the environment Louise Bloom challenged residents, 6,000 of whom are on benefits, to recycle their world cup empties including their used champagne bottles.

Does drink really turn England fans into violent homophobic racists? click on video below for shocking truth: