The Stewart System predicts World Cup winners!


Put your shirt on Germany says Pete

The Stewart System predicts World Cup winners. It was devised in 1996 by long standing anti-EU pattern watcher Peter Stewart. The system has proved 100% accurate on both occasions it has been used (1998 and 2006).

The Stewart System operates on the presumption that the EU uses its multi-billion dollar slush-fund to “fix” strategic World Cup tournaments to boost the morale of ailing EU countries.

In 1998 the EU was “persuading” France to accept the Euro. The Stewart System correctly predicted a French World Cup victory on the basis that high French morale would make acceptance of the impending Euro more likely.
In 2006 the Stewart System correctly predicted in the Letters Pages of the Southampton Daily Echo, an Italian win on penalties to boost Italian morale and stop Italy leaving the Euro. It also correctly predicted the removal of a key French player in the 2nd half!

For 2010 the Stewart System predicts Germany to win on penalties, possibly against France. The first half will appear fairly normal. The “strategic disadvantage” which “justifies” a German victory (a key opposition player going off) will probably occur in the 2nd half or possibly the end of the 1st half (perhaps even the semi-finals). A penalties victory is less damaging to opposition morale than a “proper” win.

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Germany is tired of supporting Greece and the other weaker economies. Morale is at breaking point and Germany is contemplating leaving the Euro. The EU must urgently boost German morale. Note: The Stewart Formula predicted Germany would win the Eurovision Song Contest! It also predicts Germany will beat Australia in its first match of the tournament. Obviously for maximum morale boosting, every German match needs to be a victory.

As this tournament progresses, note “unusual” events in games involvingGermany and France! Some will be accidents. Others will be evidence of match fixing. Keep an open mind! Do not dismiss the Stewart Formula untilafter the tournament is over! Keep a record of this for reference!

Above all, place your bets quickly!

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