Transit boss predicts Van Boom

Steve Clary predicts great future for Transit

Steve Clary, Ford’s Commercial Vehicle boss has predicted a bright future for the best selling Transit Van without offering any reassurances as to the long term future of the Ford Swaythling plant – which is an employer to many Eastleigh workers.

Writing in the latest edition of the company’s in house magazine ‘Ford News,’ Mr Clary claimed that the recession had bottomed and predicted that sales of the popular van – now largely built in Turkey -could double within 5 years turning the UK from a net exporter of vans to a net importer.

Two years ago the Swaythling plant was building up to 84,000 vans a year but last May 500 workers – including 150 from Eastleigh – were made redundant leaving a depleted workforce struggling to assemble 25,000 vans a year for the home market while the majority of vehicles continue to be assembled at the Turkish sister plant.

Complete closure of the Ford plant would be a further blow to industrial manufacturing in the South of England which has been in sharp decline during the last decade.

Good news for Ford is not necessarily good news for the rest of us:

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  1. Peter Stewart
    June 8, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Ford has BETRAYED! BETRAYED! BETRAYED! BRITAIN! It came over here and used British labour to build up its European empire. It swelled its profits from the sweat of British backs. Then as soon as the opportunity arose to exploit cheap foreign labour in Europe and Turkey, Ford took it.

    The European Union has schemed up a cosy little deal with Turkey which means goods made in Turkey can be imported to Britain FREE OF TARIFFS! THAT’S why so much Ford production has gone to Turkey. Of course the same scandalous situation exists in Europe. Cheap labour is used to make Ford vehicles which are then imported to Britain without tariffs. That is destroying British jobs. Not very nice is it!

    Take a look on our roads. What an appalling indictment of British greed and apathy. All those vehicles and only a few of them are made by British workers.

    Ford is profiting at OUR expense. That is immoral. You know what they call it when a business makes immoral profits? Profiteering!

  2. Victor Travelle
    June 9, 2010 at 12:28 am

    Of course Ford southampton’s lucrative contracts are going to Turkey.
    Boss of Koc Holdings,(Fords Turkish business partner) is Builderberg delegate Mustafa Koc.

  3. peter stewart
    June 9, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Never heard of Mustafa Koc or Koc Holdings. But the idea that Ford is in bed with either is pretty sickening. I am utterly appalled. So lets get this straight. Ford continues to make increasing investment in Turkey while simultaneously destroying thousands of British jobs. At the same time the BOSS of Koc Holdings is not only Ford’s Turkish partner but a Bilderberg member too. Well THAT explains a lot!

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