VAT? You must be joking!

“Why is the Conservative coalition NEEDLESSLY raising VAT? Pity the LibDems can’t resist their Conservative colleagues! Perhaps passive acceptance of Conservative policies is the price the LibDems’ must pay for basking in the Conservative limelight.

VAT is an EU tax imposed by the Conservatives on April Fools’ Day 1973.
Instead of raising it, UKIP has an easy way to clear Britain’s debt: Leave
the EU!

This year Britain’s “structural deficit” (Government borrowing) will be
around £150 Billion. Visible “EU contributions” cost us £14 Billion each
year. But the Tax Payers Alliance calculates hidden EU costs at £125
Billion per year!

If Britain left the EU today, within 2 years we would enjoy a surplus and
our EU trade would remain unchanged. But Conservative policy is to stay in
the EU. Why? Perhaps MPs’ expenses are the tip of the iceberg!

Meanwhile as British workers struggle to clear Britain’s debt with millstone
Europe round their necks, the EU auditors refuse to approve the EU accounts!
It’s time to back UKIP! Let’s leave the EU and clear the deficit!”

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