Eastleigh Drain Men Scoop Lottery Million!!

Don’t forget to recycle your champagne bottles lads…this is Eastleigh

A syndicate of 11 workers from BSS Drainage on Eastleigh’s Boyatt Wood Industrial Estate are celebrating after scooping a £954,934 Lotto jackpot on Saturday 26th June 2010.

The syndicate, who range in age from 37 to 67, are all in a state of shock since their win, scooping exactly £86,812.18p each. One syndicate member, who has served in Iraq before joining the drainage company, can’t believe his good fortune.

“We’ve been a syndicate for 16 years and use the same numbers every week without fail. We were only joking on Friday afternoon about how we never win more than a tenner. It’s unbelievable to win this amount of money.”

The syndicate, who are now known around the company as ‘The Winners Club’, have a few plans in the pipeline for their winnings The shopping list includes mortgage pay-offs, Range Rovers, holidays to Kenya, Scotland, and New York, a new kitchen and for one syndicate member who claims to be a “a bit of a mod at heart” – a new Lambretta scooter! Many members also plan to set up trusts for their children and grandchildren.

The eleven members of the group found out individually over the weekend that they had won the massive sum of money. A rather embarrassed member texted the group to let them all know that five numbers had come up in the draw. As each of the group double checked – and double checked again – they replied “You better check again mate! We’ve got all six!” Text messages then continued back and forth throughout the night, with a few members (and their wives) finding out about the win at 2am! All was forgiven as they read “How does a share of £954,934 sound to you?”

The group are planning a huge celebration to tie in with their monthly curry night.

In another twist, the leader of the syndicate had also won £10 in the Thunderball draw earlier on Saturday night. Little did he know that his £10 winnings was just the start of his winning streak that day.