Fair Oak Speeders Give Des the Hump

fair oak meeting

From left to right, Councillors Joe Wright (Fair Oak & Horton Heath), Angela Roling (Hampshire County Council representative on Local Area Committee), Des Scott (Fair Oak & Horton Heath) and Anne Winstanley (Vice-Chairman Local Area Committee).

If you haven’t heard of him before, you have now. Des Scott is Fair Oak & Horton Heath’s newest Borough Councillor. Following a justly deserved promotion from Fair Oak Parish Council, Des has begun his Eastleigh Borough Council career with an issue bound to tick the boxes of most Fair Oak voters.

Anti-social driving by a small but determined minority has become a real headache for residents and other road users in Sandy Lane and adjoining roads. In response to a leaflet distributed by Councillor Scott, inviting them to see what could be done to address the problem, local residents, mostly from Sandy Lane, converged on Fair Oak Village Hall today. The public meeting lasted from 2 pm to 3.15 pm.

At Councillor Scott’s request the issue has been taken up by the Local Area Committee, represented today by Hampshire County Councillor Angela Rolling, Fair Oak & Horton Heath Borough Councillors Joe Wright and Roger Smith (Chairman of the Local Area Committee) and LAC Vice-Chairman Anne Winstanley.

Many traffic calming suggestions were offered, including 30 mph repeater signs, a pelican crossing, speed cameras, pinch points and road humps. All of these were considered to have potential problems. The idea which perhaps got most support was 30 mph stickers for wheelie bins.

One gentleman commented on the economic impact of road humps on local trade however Councillor Scott confirmed that,

road humps are not an option”.

A lady who declined to be named said it had been,

a constructive meeting”.

Afterwards, Councillor Scott gave this comment to EastleighNews.org.uk:

“Talking to people on their doorsteps made me aware that there were serious concerns over the anti social behaviour of drivers in Sandy Lane. I therefore convened a meeting in the Village Hall so that all the residents might have the opportunity to voice their concerns. Forty three residents took the time and trouble to turn up and a further five that couldn’t attend sent letters.

“This demonstrates to me the strength of feeling that exists here. The fact that most of the local councillors also attended shows that our local leaders are listening to their constituents. Although it was heated at times, the meeting produced some good ideas which the Local Area Committee will now consider and act on.

“I think it’s great that residents gave up their time on such a glorious sunny day. It just goes to show that if we are prepared to do something other than grumble then we might just get something done”!

Do you think speeding is a problem on Sandy Lane? Waht do you think should be done about ir?