Hooray! Stinky Bins are Here to Stay!


Problems quickly arise if a collection gets missed

Louise Bloom, Eastleigh Council’s recycling Tsar, has rubbished an edict from Tory minster Eric Pickles which recommends that councils should revert to weekly bin collections.

The roly-poly minster for communities has reversed the previous government’s advice to the audit commission that councils should be pressured into only emptying bins twice a month in order to save money

Speaking to the ‘Daily Torygraph’ last week Mr Pickles said:

“There was a clear conspiracy by Labour ministers and Whitehall bin bullies to kill off weekly bin collections. This demolishes Labour’s claim that Britain’s balmy bin policies were a local decision.

“These cuts were imposed from above with town halls left to take the blame. Cynical politics like this from Labour has destroyed trust in Government and undermined the reputation of local councils.”

However Ms Bloom has stuck two fingers up at the Michelin man shaped minister by stating that Eastleigh had no plans to alter its alternate weekly which she claimed were ‘Popular’.

So popular in fact, that 3,600 people signed a petition (which had been featured in the ‘Delhi Echo’*) against them.

Opponents to fortnightly collections claim that overfull bins attract vermin and flies and are smelly in the summer.

Nationally, Pest controllers have reported that call-outs to rat infestations have hit a 10 year high, with councils reporting 378,000 in 2007/8 – a 15 per cent rise on the previous year.

Over the New Year period overflowing bins lined the streets as bad weather caused the two weekly collections to become a three or four weekly

Locally, Fareham council have also announced they will not be reverting to weekly collections

Both Eastleigh and Fareham – along with Southampton City Council are signed up to the little publicised ‘Project Integra’ which will see, over the next 30 years, millions of pounds worth of taxpayers’ money handed over to French garbage collection company Veolila Environmental Services (formerly Compagnie Générale des Eaux) in return for their managing local waste disposal.

Veolia manage plant facilities at Marchwood and at Poles Lane, Otterbourne see here

*The Delhi Echo: Our local paper – produced in India.

Are YOU rejoicing that fortnightly collections are here to stay?